How To Update Firmware in Motorola Wireless PTT Pods

Bluetooth Accessories Require Latest Firmware for Best PerformanceWireless Bluetooth PTT for MOTOTRBO

Motorola wireless accessories use a pod with APX, XTS, XPR, and SL 7000 series radios. The pod can be used as a stand-alone wireless push-to-talk (PTT) or power a surveillance kit, earbud, and also connect with the completely discreet earpiece. The pod has internal firmware that can be updated by the user to take advantage of the latest software release from Motorola.

The NTN2571 mission-critical secure pod includes encryption for APX and XTS models and the NNTN8127 operations-critical pod is designed for MOTOTRBO DMR XPR and SL 7000 radios. Each pod as unique firmware that should be upgraded for improved battery life and performance.

Instructions to Upgrade Firmware in Motorola Wireless Bluetooth Pods

Motorola Solutions provides a Windows application to upgrade their wireless bluetooth accessories. The Accessory Programming Software tool is a free download and supports both pods. The install guide includes easy step-by-step instructions with computer screenshots. In addition to the programming tool, you will also need to download the latest pod firmware.

  • Contact Motorola for the latest mission-critical NTN2571 software update
  • Contact Motorola for the latest operations-critical NNTN8127 software update

Motorola Accessories Compatible with Wireless PodsWireless surveillance kit with acoustic tube

The accessories below are compatible with either wireless pod. Some accessories require upgraded firmware if you have an older pod.

  • Motorola PMLN7052 Wireless Surveillance kit with acoustic tube
  • Motorola NTN2575 Replacement Earpiece with 9.5 Inch cable
  • Motorola NTN2572 Replacement Earpiece with 12 inch cable
  • Motorola NNTN8295 Wireless Earbud with 45 inch cord
  • Motorola NNTN8294 Wireless Earbud with 11.5 inch cord
  • Motorola NNTN8298 Black Headphones with in-line mic
  • Motorola NNTN8296 Wireless Covert Kit
  • Motorola PMLN7696 Completely Discreet Wireless Earpiece
  • Motorola NNTN8737 3.5mm Earbud Headset Adapter – 10 Pack

User Manuals and Quick-Start Guides

Motorola Mission-Critical Bluetooth (NTN2571)

Operations-Critical Bluetooth (NNTN8127)

Compare Motorola MOTOTRBO Radio Features By Model and Tier

Selecting the right MOTOTRBO DMR portable radio can be confusing with the additional model choices released in the past 18 months. The XPR 6000 platform has been discontinued and now there are five major model choices within 3 feature tiers.

Choose Commercial, Entry, or The Enhanced MOTOTRBO Feature Tier

Motorola DMR Radio Features Chart

MOTOTRBO Commercial Tier for Basic Voice Communication

If all you need is conventional voice communications with or without a repeater, the Commercial tier offers the lowest cost choices. The non-display CP200d uses the same batteries, chargers, and carrying cases as the CP200. A new choice in the Commercial tier is the SL300. It is thinner and has an optional display. MSRP ranges from $482 up to $633 per radio.

MOTOTRBO Entry Tier Includes XPR 3000 Series

The Entry tier XPR 3000 is for users who need a more rugged (IP55) radio that is capable of up to 128 channels. It offers text messaging capability and can be used on a trunking system (Capacity Plus). MSRP ranges from $575 to $675 per radio package.

Full Featured Enhanced Tier Includes Color Displays for Data Integration

The XPR 7000 series is the recommended replacement for the XPR 6350 and XPR 6550. It can be ordered with an intrinsically-safe certification, color display, and Bluetooth data. The IP57 submersible rating makes it the best choice for use outdoors and near the water. At this time the XPR 7580 does not support Smartnet operation so the XPR 6580 will be available for awhile.

The SL 7000 is not much bigger than a smartphone and can fit in your pocket. The color display, short antenna, and Micro-USB charger are features designed for hospitality, security and the service industries. Enhanced tier MSRP prices range from $1,040 up to $1,165.

Motorola APX XTS Completely Discreet Wireless Covert Surveillance Accessories

Wireless Covert Radio EarbudThe Motorola RLN4922 completely discreet earpiece is a covert wireless audio accessory inserted in the ear compatible with most two-way radios using a 2 or 3 wire surveillance kit. The earbud connector on the surveillance kit connects to the included RLN4920 wireless neckloop worn under your clothing. The push-to-talk switch and microphone on the wired surveillance accessory is still used. Recently, the RLN4922 was redesigned for more comfort, made smaller, and improved technically.

New Completely Discreet Mission Critical Wireless Covert Kit

Wireless enhanced Bluetooth Covert EarpieceUsers with the Motorola APX and enhanced Bluetooth option or XTS radios with the external PMLN5792 adapter have new options for covert surveillance. Motorola’s new NNTN8434 Wireless Covert Kit includes the RLN4922 wireless earbud, NNTN8385 Y-adapter, and NTN2571 PTT pod.

Now the radio can be placed in a backpack, briefcase, or purse up to 30 feet away. The NTN2571 PTT pod uses easy touch pairing. All you need to do is place the pod within an inch or two from the radio and it will automatically connect. Now a user can select any radio available and be ready for covert two-way communications immediately. The enhanced Bluetooth is encrypted and cannot be monitored like standard Bluetooth devices.

Basic Wireless Covert Kit Uses 2 Wire Earbud Headphones

Person listening to music or using smartphoneAlso available is the NNTN8296 Basic Wireless Covert Kit that includes 3 sets of earbuds and a 3.5mm adapter for connecting any off-the-shelf commercial earphone accessory. Radio users appear to be using a smartphone or listening to music. 

The NTN2571 must be ordered separately. There is also an optional carrying case (RLN6485).

Typical battery life for the NTN2571 PTT pod is 8 hours but carrying a second pod will provide remote PTT and a spare power source for up to 16 hours of use. The pod uses a standard micro-USB charger.

For more information see the Motorola brochure APX and XTS Mission Critical Wireless Covert Solutions

The RLN4922 Completely Discreet Earpiece and wireless covert accessories are also available for MOTOTRBO Operations Critical Bluetooth. The NNTN8127 PTT pod is the operations critical wireless (OCW) version used with the NNTN8385 Y-adapter. You will also need to use the PMLN5712 or the PMLN5993 Bluetooth adapter with touch pairing for XPR 6000 series radios.


New Motorola XBT Wireless Headsets Feature SENS Technology

Motorola Solutions introduced new wireless Bluetooth headsets using Sensear’s patented SENSWireless Bluetooth Headset with SENS Technology spatial awareness technology that enhances surrounding voices while providing hearing protection. This feature benefits radio users who work in intermittent or continuous high noise industrial environments but need to hear nearby people, alarms, or alerts.

Choice of Behind-the-Neck or Over-the-Head Styles

RLN6490 - XBT Behind the Head Operations Critical Wireless Bluetooth headsetThe XBT RLN6490 behind-the neck or RLN6491 headband style are designed for Motorola Operations Critical radios and adapters. Both styles provide about 22 hours of battery life based on normal (5-5-90) operation and can be fully recharged in 7 hours. These heavy-duty headsets are rated IP54 and can be used with a NNTN8127 wireless pod for remote push-to-talk operation. The RLN640 can be used with a hardhat and provides 23dB of hearing protection. The RLN6491 headband style has an even better NRR (noise reduction rating) of 25dB.

XBT Bluetooth Headset FeaturesXBT Wireless Headsets Use Standard BluetoothXBT Headsets Provide  3 ways to communicate

The SENS technology allows users wearing headsets to hear normal speech clearly when face-to-face with people without headsets. 

The Motorola XBT wireless headsets can be paired with cell phones or any 2-way radio using standard Bluetooth. For MOTOTRBO XPR 6000 series radios, choose the PMLN5712 Bluetooth adapter. XPR 7000 and SL 7000 series radios have factory installed internal Bluetooth and will pair without an adapter. APX radios and XTS 5000 PMLN5792 Mission-Critical Wireless adapters are not compatible because they contain an extra layer of encryption.

Link to the Motorola XBT Wireless Bluetooth Headsets .pdf brochure

Earmuff and Temple Headsets Compared

Radio Headset Comparison in High Noise

Bone Conduction vs.Traditional Earmuff Style in High Noise Areas

Motorola Solutions offers temple headsets for most two-way radio models and they continue to grow in popularity. Temple transducers use bone conduction technology and are more comfortable in hot weather as compared to traditional earmuff headsets.

Temple Headset Users TalkingTemple transducers keep the ears uncovered making it easier to communicate with the public. The speaker is muted so radio transmissions cannot be monitored and surrounding voices or other sounds can be heard normally. When used in high noise areas, earplugs can be worn for hearing protection.

Comparison Using MOTOTRBO Analog and Digital RadiosSpring and Associates HDD Driller

Spring & Associates, Inc an HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) contractor from Easton, Maryland relies on Motorola MOTOTRBO DMR digital radios on the jobsite.

Communications are challenging because noise levels can be 100db and often exceed 130dB close to where the drill operator sits. They compared the Motorola PMLN5275 heavy-duty, dual muff headset and the PMLN5101 temple transducer.

Tests were performed in digital and analog modes using their XPR 6550 UHF two-way radios. Digital mode audio quality was found to be superior to analog. Following are comments by Rodney Spring, President  of Spring and Associates:

Muff Style Preferred in Extreme Noise Approaching 130dBLoud Noise Chart (dB)

In extreme noise, I’m guessing over 130dB, the earmuff headset was slightly preferred over the temple transducer/hearing protection muffs combo by the operator. It seems that when you idle up the drill to full power/full noise the muff headset has ZERO distortion in the receive mode, while the temple transducer has a little.

Temple Headsets Preferred Below 100dB Noise Level

In noise levels under 100dB the temple transducer was preferred because of comfort and during temporary times of low area noise, being able to remove the auxiliary hearing protection, and still be in touch with other radios while having the ability to hear people around him.

New RLN6500 MOTOTRBO Bluetooth Kit Replaces HK200

MOTOTRBO RLN6500 Bluetooth Accessory KitMotorola Solutions recently cancelled pending HK200 Bluetooth headset orders after running out of stock. The recommended replacement is the new RLN6500 MOTOTRBO Bluetooth Accessory Kit. The RLN6500 has a comfortable swivel earpiece connected to a pod with clothing clip.

The new design provides a more professional appearance and prevents others from thinking your employees are on their cell phones. Additional earpiece styles will be added in the future.

RLN6500 ChargerThe RLN6500 provides enough battery life for a full 8-10 hour shift unlike most cellular style Bluetooth headsets.

Included is a compact 120V AC charger with cradle for quick and easy charging for the next shift.

Designed for MOTOTRBO DMR Bluetooth Enabled Radios

The RLN6500 is designed to be used with MOTOTRBO Bluetooth enabled radios including the SL 7550, XPR 5350, 5550, XPR 7350, 7550. It is also compatible with XPR 6100, 6300, and 6500 series radios using the PMLN5712 adapter.PMLN6397 Replacement Swivel Earpiece and In-line Mic

It is easy to share among employees with extra PMLN6397 earpieces with in-line mic (pack of 3). The earpiece has a antimicrobial coating for healthcare applications.

Once paired, the headset will reconnect with the radio the next time it is turned on. It is not compatible with the PMLN5993 Bluetooth adapter with touch pairing so you will need to keep it paired with the same radio. The RLN6500 is not compatible with cell phones so you are less likely to lose them due to theft.

Lower Cost Alternative for MOTOTRBO Bluetooth Audio Accessories

The RLN6500 is priced lower than the Operations Critical NNTN8295 wireless earbud with pod and the NNTN8125, NNTN8126 earpieces.

Plantronics-85550-01 M50For those who need a HK200 replacement with long battery life that will also pair with a cell phone, we recommend the Plantronics M50 85550-01.

It has standard Bluetooth 3.0, provides 9-11 hours of typical use, and uses a micro-USB charger connector.

For more Motorola Bluetooth accessories download the Operations Critical MOTOTRBO Wireless Accessory Catalog.

New MOTOTRBO INC Microphones Designed for Use in Extreme Noise

NNTN8382 and NNTN8383 INC MicsMotorola is now shipping their Industrial Noise-Cancelling (INC) remote speaker microphones for MOTOTRBO XPR 6000 and 7000 series DMR radios. The new mic speaker is 25% louder and uses dual microphone noise-cancellation technology found in high tier public-safety audio accessories.

There are two styles available: NNTN8383 includes a 3.5mm threaded jack located on the 6 foot coiled cord and the NNTN8382 IP57 submersible model without the jack.

Both RSM’s use IMPRES technology to communicate with XPR MOTOTRBO series including the 6100, 6300, 6350, 6550, 6850, 7350 and 7550 models. The mics have a 4 digit date code under the clip and carry a 12 month warranty.

Easy to Clean When Working in Dirty EnvironmentsMOTOTRBO INC Mic Being Cleaned

Dirt and debris that clog other mics can prevent the user from being heard and cause repeat transmissions. The INC remote microphones can be cleaned with soapy water and a scrub brush.

Use a High-Capacity Battery When Using INC Microphones

Battery Life when using NNTN8383, NNTN8382The INC microphones use the radio battery to power the extra-loud, one watt speaker and microprocessors that cancel the background noise.

We recommend using the larger 2,150 mAh IMPRES radio battery if you work long shifts, use scan to listen to multiple channels, or transmit more than normal.

NNTN8383 Requires 3.5mm Threaded Receive-only Audio Accessories

If using the NNTN8383 with the audio jack, make sure you use a 3.5mm threaded accessory plug. Some of the popular threaded receive-only accessories that are compatible include the RLN5313, BDB6726, and the BDN6781The unthreaded receive-only RSM accessories with the short cords will not work. 

Download Motorola MOTOTRBO INC NNTN8383 NNTN8382 Product Spec Sheet

Motorola XPR 6100, 6350, 6550 Battery Choices Explained

MOTOTRBO Radio Battery Choices

Motorola Batteries for XPR 6000 Series Radios Use IMPRES Technology

Motorola introduced the MOTOTRBO DMR digital XPR 6300 (non-display) and XPR 6500 (display) series radios in 2007. Surprisingly, we still see some of the batteries with date codes five years old and still in use. It is probably due to the IMPRES automatic conditioning feature that Motorola patented about 10 years ago.

A fresh battery can improve your radio performance and eliminate intermittent problems when voltage fluctuates. Due to the new enhancements with MOTOTRBO (i.e. Bluetooth, LTR, GPS, lone worker, etc) you should make sure you choose the best battery for your needs. Replacement batteries do not include a belt clip so be sure to remove it from the old battery.

All Batteries Carry a Submersible IP57 Rating

All Motorola XPR 6000 series MOTOTRBO batteries are built tough with a IP57 submersibility rating meaning it can withstand being under three feet of water for 30 minutes. IMPRES smart charging is also standard on all four battery choices.

PMNN4077C is the Most Popular MOTOTRBO Battery with Highest CapacityMOTOTRBO PMNN4077 High capacity battery

The Motorola PMNN4077C is the most popular battery because it provides the highest capacity at 2,200 mAh. The extra capacity is needed if you use a Bluetooth adapter, optional LTR trunking board, or if you require maximum battery life for long shifts. It uses Li-ion chemistry and is only slightly thicker than the PMNN4066A.

PMNN4066A Battery is Standard with XPR6100 and Original XPR 6300MOTOTRBO PMNN4066 battery

The Motorola PMNN4066A uses Li-ion chemistry with a 1,500 mAh capacity. It was included with the original XPR6300 non-display, non-GPS radio back in 2007. It is recommended if you use digital mode only and no power consuming options like GPS, Bluetooth, etc. It is slightly thinner but we normally recommend the higher capacity PMNN4077.

PMNN4069A Battery is FM Approved Intrinsically-Safe for Hazardous AtmospheresFM Intrinsically Safe battery

The PMNN4069A is the only FM battery that is intrinsically-safe rated. It has a green dot on the bottom of the battery and a FM label. It must be used with a XPR radio that includes the factory installed FM option. Look for the label on the radio and a green dot on the bottom of the radio. The battery capacity is 1,400 mAh and it uses Li-ion cells.

There is no benefit in purchasing a FM battery and using it with non-FM radios. It will work but there are no advantages.

Motorola PMNN4065A is the only NiMH Chemistry MOTOTRBO BatteryMOTOTRBO NiMH battery for cold weather

For anyone using their XPR 6000 series MOTOTRBO radios in extremely cold environments the PMNN4065A is the best choice. Li-ion batteries should be avoided because they do not perform well at low temperatures. The Motorola PMNN4065A NiMH battery has 1,300 mAh capacity and is a little heavier. It also is the most economical with the lowest price.

All of the above batteries are compatible with the XPR6100, XPR6300, XPR6350, XPR6380, XPR6500, XPR6550, and XPR6580 MOTOTRBO radios..

Not sure of the condition of your batteries? First, check the date codes and then consider investing in the Motorola NNTN7392 IMPRES battery reader if you have a large quantity.