New MOTOTRBO INC Microphones Designed for Use in Extreme Noise

NNTN8382 and NNTN8383 INC MicsMotorola is now shipping their Industrial Noise-Cancelling (INC) remote speaker microphones for MOTOTRBO XPR 6000 and 7000 series DMR radios. The new mic speaker is 25% louder and uses dual microphone noise-cancellation technology found in high tier public-safety audio accessories.

There are two styles available: NNTN8383 includes a 3.5mm threaded jack located on the 6 foot coiled cord and the NNTN8382 IP57 submersible model without the jack.

Both RSM’s use IMPRES technology to communicate with XPR MOTOTRBO series including the 6100, 6300, 6350, 6550, 6850, 7350 and 7550 models. The mics have a 4 digit date code under the clip and carry a 12 month warranty.

Easy to Clean When Working in Dirty EnvironmentsMOTOTRBO INC Mic Being Cleaned

Dirt and debris that clog other mics can prevent the user from being heard and cause repeat transmissions. The INC remote microphones can be cleaned with soapy water and a scrub brush.

Use a High-Capacity Battery When Using INC Microphones

Battery Life when using NNTN8383, NNTN8382The INC microphones use the radio battery to power the extra-loud, one watt speaker and microprocessors that cancel the background noise.

We recommend using the larger 2,150 mAh IMPRES radio battery if you work long shifts, use scan to listen to multiple channels, or transmit more than normal.

NNTN8383 Requires 3.5mm Threaded Receive-only Audio Accessories

If using the NNTN8383 with the audio jack, make sure you use a 3.5mm threaded accessory plug. Some of the popular threaded receive-only accessories that are compatible include the RLN5313, BDB6726, and the BDN6781The unthreaded receive-only RSM accessories with the short cords will not work. 

Download Motorola MOTOTRBO INC NNTN8383 NNTN8382 Product Spec Sheet

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