Rehoboth Beach Patrol Upgrades Lifeguard Communications

Rehoboth Beach, DE

Thousands of visitors pack the narrow strip of sand at Rehoboth Beach each summer resulting in hundreds of urgent events including lost children, water rescues, and medical emergencies. Rehoboth Beach Patrol, led by Captain Kent Buckson, has been the first responder team for the resort since 1921.

Rehoboth Beach Patrol LogoNot that long ago, most beach patrols relied on semaphore flags for mission-critical communications. The visual messages took several minutes to “transmit” vital information along the entire beach. Analog 2-way radios improved communications but still lacked features required for public-safety.

Starting Memorial Day Weekend, Rehoboth Beach Patrol will improve their Motorola MOTOTRBO DMR XPR 6550 digital radio coverage by adding  a XPR 8400 repeater located on top of the City’s water tank. This will provide better radio-to-radio communications especially during emergencies.

Submersible MOTOTRBO Digital 2-Way Radios Improve Beach Safety

Motorola XPR 6550Motorola MOTOTRBO digital XPR 6550 hand-held radios are rugged enough to provide reliable communications from each lifeguard stand along the crowded shoreline. The XPR 6550 carries a IP57 submersible rating that protects the internal electronics from the harmful effects of sand and salt water. A bright orange silicone grip case provides additional protection and makes it easier to locate if dropped in the sand or surf.

Internal text based information from Headquarters is received on the XPR 6550’s rugged screen reducing the need for voice communications. A press of the orange button alerts the team when an emergency occurs. The radio is programmed with an identifier that provides precise location information when backup is needed.

Our Magnum Electronics team is proud to have been given the opportunity to design, install, and provide ongoing support for their next generation communications system that enhances public-safety on the beach.

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