New Improved Globalstar Sat-Fi2 Satellite Hotspot Now Shipping

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New Design Includes Internal Battery, Antenna, and SOS ButtonMobile Satellite Hotspot with Wi-Fi

Globalstar announced the significantly improved Sat-Fi2 mobile satellite Wi-Fi hotspot that connects up to 8 smartphones, tablets, and laptops. If you travel outside cellular coverage or need an emergency backup, the Sat-Fi2 is portable and at a low price point.

The hardware is completely redesigned and includes a built-in rechargeable battery, antenna, and 2-way SOS button. The battery will provide up to 28 hours of stand-by and 2 hours of talk/data communications. Wi-Fi range is up to 100 feet and can be used with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS devices.

New Globalstar Advantage and Enterprise Service Agreements

All plans include Sat-Browse that uses compression technology to speed up web browsing and also lowers data downloads. Each plan has an allotment of voice minutes, data throughput, and SMS text messages. Unused airtime does not roll t the next billing cycle.

Globalstar Monthly Advantage Service Plan Choices

The Globalstar monthly plans include a low cost Advantage 40 for users needing limited communications. There is also Advantage 100, Advantage 250, and Advantage 500 that allow additional voice minutes, data allowance, and SMS messages.

Monthly Satellite Voice, Data, and SMS Plans

Globalstar Annual Enterprise Seasonal Airtime Service Plans

Enterprise plans are billed annually for seasonal users who may use their data on an irregular schedule. With these plans the airtime expires at the end of the term rather than monthly. The Enterprise 480 plan is the lowest cost annual plan and is recommended for emergency managers or public-safety personnel who need backup communications.

Annual Satellite Voice, Data, and SMS Plans

Nanuk custom case with insertGlobalstar has a Nanuk carry case with custom insert to accommodate the Sat-Fi2 and accessories.

The Sat-Fi2 is the future of satellite communications, The GSP-1700 is no longer in production and is only available as a refurbished kit. GSP-1600’s are also at end of life because the proprietary battery has been discontinued and cannot be ordered.

Download Globalstar Sat-Fi2 User Guide .pdf

If you need a formal quote or additional info about Sat-Fi2 contact our Dover, Delaware office during normal business hours or use the form below.

FREE Globalstar GSP-2900 or Sat-Fi With $199.99 Monthly Orbit Plan

Fixed Satellite Phone Promotion for Remote Facilities and Marine Vessels

Globalstar Satellite Phone Emergency CommunicationsGlobalstar announced a FREE GSP-2900 or Sat-Fi Hot Spot installed in command vehicles, marine vessels, and remote facilities. Satellite fixed phones are also used for emergency backup communications when wired and wireless systems fail. We have them installed in 911 centers, hospitals, and emergency management facilities.

Choose Any GSP-2900 Fixed Phone Configuration Valued Up to $1,699Fixed Satellite Phone

All GSP-2900 bundles are included in this promotion including antenna, choice of cable lengths, and marine domes. All antennas include a 20, 30, or 55 low-loss cable.

The GSP-2900 is built rugged for outdoor installations and includes a battery backup. An optional GDK-2900-CBL data kit provides internet connectivity.

FREE Sat-Fi Satellite Hotspot with Unlimited Plan

Sat-Fi Next to a SmartphoneUsers who prefer to use their Wi-Fi enabled Android, iOs, Mac, and Windows devices can get a FREE Sat-Fi with a new unlimited Orbit or Galaxy plan activation. Sat-Fi can send and receive voice calls, emails, post to social media, and SMS text messaging. Check out this review in Wired for more info.

Globalstar Monthly Orbit and Annual Galaxy Unlimited Plans

The Orbit Unlimited and Galaxy Unlimited Plans require a $50 activation fee. Orbit plans are $199.99 (plus taxes) and paid monthly to Globalstar. Galaxy plans have an annual fee of $2,400 plus taxes.

To order your free GSP-2900 or Sat-Fi contact our Dover, Delaware office. Our number is 302-734-9250 M-F 8-5pm EST.

Free Globalstar GSP-1700 Satellite Phone Promotion

Dave Carraro Wicked Tuna Approved

For a limited time, Globalstar will provide a FREE GSP-1700 satellite phone with a new 12 month commitment plus a $50 activation fee. Choose the Galaxy Unlimited plan for $1,200 or the Orbit Unlimited plan for $99.99 per month (early termination fees apply). A refurbished GSP-1700 phone worth $399 will be provided at no charge.

Current Globalstar Satellite Service Plans


Globalstar Orbit and Galaxy Plans for Free Phone

Cellular towers only provide coverage for about 7 miles. Don’t go offshore this year without emergency communications. Act fast…this promotion could end at any time. Call our office at 302-734-9250 M-F 8-5pm EST or fill out the form below.


Globalstar Expands Home Coverage Area for Satellite Phone Customers

Globalstar LogoGlobalstar monthly Orbit and annual Galaxy satellite voice plans for NorthSatellite Hand-Held Phone America now have an expanded home area. Travelers using their GSP-1700 phones can now make calls in many additional countries without additional roaming fees.

The map below shows Globalstar duplex voice and data coverage for the globe. The countries inside the red line show the new home area for US customers.

Globalstar Duplex Coverage World Map

New Globalstar 9600 Wi-Fi Router For Your GSP-1700/1600 Satphone

Check Email from Your Smartphone with Globalstar 9600

Check Email From Your Smartphone using the Globalstar Satellite Network

Now you can connect your existing smartphone to a Globalstar phone using Wi-Fi to send and receive email. The new Globalstar 9600 mini-WiFi router allows you to create a satellite hotspot using your GSP-1700, GSP-1600, or GSP-2900 satellite phones. Any Wi-Fi enabled device is compatible using the iOS or Android Sat-Fi app.  The 9600 supports up to 8 connected data devices but does not allow phone calls.

Globalstar 9600 is Small, Portable, and Affordable

Globalstar 9600 Satellite Mini-WiFi RouterThe 9600 weighs only 2 oz, is about 2.5 inches square, and provides up to 4 hours of use. It includes a Micro-USB for charging, standard USB, and Ethernet ports. It is 802.11b/g/n with a WiFi range of about 30 feet. At $149.99 it is an affordable accessory for any Globalstar phone.

Comparison Chart of Globalstar Sat-Fi and 9600

Below is a summary of the features of the Sat-Fi and the 9600 satellite hotspots.

Features of Sat-Fi and 9600

The 9600 includes an AC/DC power supply, international plug kit, quick start guide, 1 voucher for Sat-Fi use, and cable for a GSP-1700. Contact us for optional GSP-1600 or GSP-2900 cables.

9600 Sat-Fi App Price ChartAdditional vouchers for data users requiring separate emails can obtain them on the Sat-Fi microsite. Three day codes are free and longer periods are available for a nominal fee.

Download 9600 data sheet and Apple iOs or Android user guides.

Make Your WiFi Device a Satellite Phone With Sat-Fi Hotspot from Globalstar

Introducing Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite HotspotGlobalstar Sat-Fi Hotspot Now Available At Only $999

Front view of Sat-Fi with WiFi Antenna

Now users who require satellite communications can install an app on their Android, Apple iOS, Mac, or Windows device instead of carrying a separate satellite phone. With the new Globalstar Sat-Fi Hotspot up to 8 users can connect at the same time using standard WiFi with range of  approximately 100 feet.

The Sat-Fi Hotspot is designed for installation on vehicles, marine vessels, and outside fixed locations. An AC power supply, 12V DC vehicle adapter, and 14 feet of coax cable with magnetic patch antenna are included.

Powerful Sat-Fi App Now Available for Download

Globalstar Sat-Fi App Screenshots The Globalstar Sat-Fi app is free and uses your existing smartphone contacts providing caller ID. The interface makes it easy to send and receive voice calls, emails, and post to social media. SMS text messaging and a feature called S.O.S. alert capability with GPS location to emergency first responders will be available soon. Sat-Fi supports a single voice call but makes it easy to transfer incoming calls to up to 7 additional connected users. It also will allow sending text messages between those using Sat-Fi.

Sat-Fi is Compatible with Globalstar Orbit and Galaxy Service Plans

Sat-Fi must be activated using any of the Orbit monthly plans or the Galaxy annual plans.  The How-To video below explains what’s included in the box, setup, and sending your first email.

If you work outside of cellular coverage or need backup for emergency management, the Globalstar Sat-Fi is the next generation product for satellite communications. For additional information, specifications, or to purchase the Sat-Fi visit our online store or use the contact form below.


New Device Provides Satellite Service to Smartphones When Cell Network Unavailable

When disaster strikes and cripples the cellular network or when locatedSAT-FI Hotspot Enhances Smartphones beyond the coverage area, you will soon be able to use Globalstar’s new SAT-FI device to stay connected using your own Wi-Fi enabled device. SAT-FI is a technology breakthrough described as a satellite hotspot that provides seamless integration of voice and data from existing smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Using your existing device and phone number, you will be able to make and receive calls, email, and text messages through Globalstar’s satellite network. A simple app and the SAT-FI hotspot is expected to be available later this year pending FCC approval.

Globalstar LogoSAT-FI will provide emergency first responders backup communications and remote industrial or marine personnel a more convenient way to communicate. Pricing has not been announced but is expected to be affordable for the general public including recreational boaters, hikers, and campers.

For more information, see the press release and recent a recent interview with Barbee Ponder from Globalstar.

Trade-in Your Iridum Satellite Phone for a Free Globalstar GSP-1700

Globalstar Iridium Trade-up PromoIf you are a US based satellite phone user with an active Iridium or Inmarsat account, Globalstar will provide a free GSP-1700 if you sign a 2 year service agreement. Eligible Globalstar service includes the Orbit 40, 100, 200 and Unlimited monthly and Galaxy 480, 1200, 2400, and Unlimited annual plans. Galaxy plans are invoiced yearly and early termination fees apply.

Globalstar Has Lower Fees and a US Based Telephone NumberGSP-1700 Red & Copper Satellite Phones

Globalstar’s new satellite network has better voice quality and has lower per minute fees. The 10 digit US based telephone number makes it easier to use for you and callers to your phone. Available with a red or copper face and color display, it is the smallest satphone available.

Promo Is For a Limited Time – Act Now to Start Saving

Eligible Iridium phones include the 9500, 9505, 9505A, 9555, 9575 (Extreme) and Inmarsat Isat Pro. The phones must be deactivated and returned to Globalstar. The battery and charger must be returned too.

Download Globalstar Trade-In Brochure .pdf

For more information call our office at 302-734-9250 (8-5pm EST) or use the form below.

New Lower Globalstar GSP-1700 Accessory Prices

Globalstar LogoGlobalstar announced lower pricing for their most popular accessories for the GSP-1700 satellite phone. The new price reductions are permanent and effective immediately.

GPB-1700 replacement battery reduced by $50GPB-1700 Battery

It is a good time to purchase a new GPB-1700 replacement battery for your GSP-1700. With talk time at 4 hours on a standard charge, we recommend a spare if you need to use it on a long shift.

GVC-1700 12V DC vehicle charger reduced by 50%Globalstar GVC-1700 12V DC Charger

The GVC-1700 12V DC mobile charger will charge your phone while in your vehicle. The rugged, 6 foot coiled cord includes a replaceable fuse to protect your GSP-1700 phone. A green LED indicator shows when it is connected to a valid power source.

GDK-1700 data kit reduced by 50%Globalstar GDK-1700 Data Kit

Access the internet using your GSP-1700 and the GDK-1700 data kit. Included is a 48 inch cable with USB connector. The latest software can be downloaded from Globalstar’s support web site. When configured, connect to the web by dialing #777 from your attached computer.

GNC-1700 nylon case reduced by 50%GNC-1700 Nylon Case

The GNC-1700 case is lightweight and will protect your phone from dirt and weather. The case is custom designed to fit the GSP-1700 and is made of nylon material. It includes a clear plastic faceplate cover and belt clip.

Follow this link for more GSP-1700 accessories

Globalstar Double Minutes Promo

Globalstar Announces New Orbit Unlimited Plan

Globalstar Orbit Unlimited PlanGlobalstar announced the new Orbit Unlimited satellite service plan for heavy voice and data users in North America. Airtime is included for Home Service Area calls placed in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. Long distance is included for calls to US, Canada, and Puerto Rico numbers.

The plan includes free voice mail and Express Data Compression that will speed up internet downloads. The cost is $149.99 (plus applicable taxes) along with a $50 activation fee. The contract requires a one year commitment.

GSP-1700 Price Remains at $499 for Phone, Battery, ChargerHurricane Season is Here Get a Satellite Phone

Globalstar continues to keep the price of the GSP-1700 at half the price it was before their satellite troubles. The 2013 hurricane season is upon us and it is time to get prepared for emergency communications. Last year, Hurricane Sandy disrupted cellular and internet services throughout the Northeast for an extended period of time.

Globalstar Call Times Tool No Longer Necessary

Globalstar Home Service Area MapSatellite phone access has improved significantly the past six months to the point the call times tool is no longer needed. The new and improved Globalstar satellite network provides 97%+ accessibility in North America anytime during the day or night.

Existing Globalstar Users: Check Your Phone Batteries

If you already have a GSP-1600 or GSP-1700 phone, replace your batteries if they are more than 3 years old. The GPB-2003 high-capacity battery is still available for the GSP-1600 and the GPB-1700 is the recommended battery for the GSP-1700. Globalstar still supports GSP-1600 accessories and will activate them on their network.

If you have any questions about Globalstar products or service plans, contact us during normal business hours or use the form below: