Vertex Standard Products Transition To Motorola Solutions on 1/1/2018

Motorola Entry-Tier Commercial Portfolio Expands With Select Vertex Models

EVX-S24 EVX-261 VX450 VX2100 VX2200

Motorola Solutions will retire the Vertex Standard brand this month. The digital eVerge EVX-261, EVX-S24, analog VX-260 series, VX-450 series, VX-2100, and VX-2200 will be rebranded with the Motorola logo. The eVerge DMR EVX-261 and EVX-S24 are compatible with all Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radios. The last day we can place new orders for Vertex branded equipment is 12/31/17.

Vertex Standard Product Cancellations

The following Vertex eVerge and P25 products and associated accessories will end production at the end of this month,.

  • Portable Radios: EVX-531/534/539, VX-820, VX-P820, VX-920, and VX-P920
  • Mobiles: VX-4500/4600, EVX-5300/5400, VX-5500 UHF/VHF
  • Repeaters: VXR-7000, VXR-9000, EVX-R70
  • EVX – Link

Motorola Will Continue Support and Depot Warranty Repairs

Warranty repairs will be honored by Motorola and support is planned for another 5 years. The programming software will remain the same. If your Vertex radio or accessory has been cancelled, contact our office and we can recommend a replacement.

Vertex Standard Cancels VX-920, VX-P920, VX-6000, VX-7200 Legacy Radio Models

Vertex Standard Logo

Due to component obsolescence challenges, Vertex Standard is announcing a 60 day cancellation notification of the below list of legacy products. The last order date is June 30, 2017. The radios will carry the standard Vertex Standard 3 year warranty policy. After July 3rd, there will be a 7% price increase for any excess inventory at Vertex.

VX-920 – all bands and models        VX-920, VX-P920, VX-6000, VX-7200
VX-P920 – all bands and models
VX-6000 – all bands and models
VX-7200 – all bands and models
VX-2200 – LTR only models

Alert: Motorola Solutions and Vertex Standard Supply Disruption

No Shipments From April 7-18th Due to ERP Upgrade

Radio Solutions Channel PartnerMotorola Solutions and their wholly-owned subsidiary, Vertex Standard informed us a new software ERP upgrade will halt order processing, depot repairs, and shipments beginning April 7th.

Expect shipments to slowly ramp up starting the afternoon of Tuesday, April 18th. The planned upgrade has been in process for the past 2 years.

Shutdown Affects Radios, Parts, Accessories, and Repairs

Anything that has not shipped by the evening of April 6th will be affected. Motorola and Vertex will not be able to process any new orders until 4/18/17. We are taking steps to stock additional inventory but with 3,000+ products it will be difficult.

Boston Leather Radio Holder Chart with Measurements

Boston Leather radio holders, fire, ems , and law enforcement accessoriesBoston Leather offers 34 custom designed holders for Motorola, Vertex Standard, Kenwood, Harris, EF Johnson, Icom, and Bendix King two-way radios. The compatibility chart below will help find the case designed to fit your radio.

Radio Compatibility Chart

Leather 2-Way Radio CasesThere are also 7 universal cases that adjust to fit almost any model radio. All Boston Leather cases are manufactured Sterling, Illinois and ship in about 2 weeks if not in stock. The “RC” letters indicate large D rings for attaching to firefighter straps. Case numbers without “RC” are designed to be worn on a belt and don’t have D rings.

5481RC-1 Universal CaseHolders manufactured with high quality plain leather finish include a (-1) suffix following the model number. High gloss (clarino) finish is available for some holders and has a (-2) indicator. Basketweave finish is also available and has a -3 suffix. The universal 5487RC-5, 5487RC-5, and 5610RC-5 can be ordered in ballistic weave nylon.

Boston Leather Radio Holder Measurement Chart

Case Measurement Chart

Download Boston Leather Radio Holder Size Chart

Contact us to discuss your specific needs if not listed. Boston Leather will design a custom leather holder for any 2-way radio or device carried by firefighters, ems professionals, police, and law enforcement.

New PDF Library Added to Magnum Web Site

Magnum Electronics Mission Statement

In an effort to provide more reference and technical documents for our customers, this week we launched our new PDF Library. It contains PDF files of spec sheets, manuals, and user guides for our products and services – all in one central location. More than a hundred documents are available now and more will be added weekly.

PDF Library Categories Include Links to Web Store

Motorola Platinum Channel Partner LogoOur PDF Library content is organized by manufacturer and includes Motorola Solutions and Vertex Standard radio communications equipment. Sub-categories with portable, handheld 2-way radios and mobile vehicle mounted models should make it easy to browse. Vertex Standard LogoWe also included audio accessories, batteries, and chargers with the initial rollout. All categories include a link back to the products in our Magnum online store.

PDF Library is Located at

Our blog site contains new product announcements, promotions, tech tips, and other news about wireless communications and GPS fleet management. It has become a popular reference site and receives thousands of visitors. We hope adding the PDF Library will be convenient and easier for our Customers. A monthly summary feed of blog articles will be sent to our Magnum Newsletter subscribers beginning in September.

Vertex Introduces eVerge EVX-531 Digital VHF/UHF 2-Way Radio

Backward Compatible with Any Brand Analog Radio

EVX-531 VHF or UHF Digital RadioWith the introduction of the commercial mid-tier EVX-530 series, analog 2-way radio users now have a lower cost solution to start upgrading to digital communications. The EVX-531 can be programmed to your same analog channels but can be changed to digital when ready. You can even program both analog and digital modes in the same radio with scan.

Basic digital voice features will significantly improve your organizations’s communications and now the Vertex eVerge DMR platform makes it very affordable. We expect many manufacturers to cancel their analog-only radio models starting later this year.

Submersible IP57 EVX-531 is Compatible with VX-450 Series Accessories

The EVX-531 is not an entry-level radio. Based on the VX-450 platform, the 32 channel basic model carries a IP57 submersible rating, emergency functions, and a three year warranty. Additional display models including an optional Factory Mutual intrinsically-safe rating will be available later this year. VX-451, VX-454, VX-459 radios use the same audio accessory connector, battery form factor, carrying cases, and chargers.

Improved Radio Functionality with DMR Digital StandardDMR_logo

The DMR digital platform has become the preferred standard over NXDN during the past five years. Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radios and others continue to dominate DMR digital 2-way radio sales resulting in 7+ out of 10 radios using the DMR standard.

Vertex eVerge EVX-531 Battery Life Using Digital

Vertex EVX-531 Digital Battery Life

The EVX-531 specifications show a 31% increase in battery life as compared to the same radio in analog mode. The high-capacity FNB-V134LI battery will provide almost 16 hours of operation in digital and 12 hours in analog mode.

Digital DMR Delivers Superior Audio Quality

DMR Digital Audio Quality Signal Strength Graph

Digital audio quality exceeds analog especially as the signals become weaker. Many users who narrowbanded their radios experienced a 10-15% reduction in usable coverage. If you have to repeat messages or frequently operate at the edge of radio coverage, switching to digital may be a good solution.

EVX Digital Privacy and Advanced Call Features

Vertex EVX DMR Digital Features

In addition to all and group calling, the Vertex EVX-531 can be programmed for private one-to-one conversations. Emergency and lone worker features are standard and will improve the safety of your employees. Also, radio-to-radio cloning is possible using the Vertex XURTS0008 CT-27A cable.

Download EVX-530 Series Data Sheet

Vertex VX-450 Series Radio Disable and Revive Feature

Prevent Lost or Stolen Radios from Monitoring Your 2-Way Communications

If losing a radio creates a security risk, the Vertex Standard VX-450 series “Radio Disable” can prevent your messages from being monitored. Should a radio become lost or stolen, you can easily prevent the radio from receiving or transmitting. The lost radio must be turned on and within range. Vertex calls it the “stun” feature and involves using the radio’s 5 tone MDC-1200 signalling capability.

When Found the Lost Radio Can Be Easily Revived and Put in Service

A “stunned” VX-450 series radio can be easily revived and returned to service in the same way it was disabled. Just enter a different code using the keypad from an authorized radio to reverse the process.

Stolen Radios Can Be Inhibited For Increased Security

If you believe the radio is stolen, you can permanently inhibit or “kill” the missing radio as long as it is in range and turned on to receive the MDC signalling command. You will not be able to revive the radio without taking it to an authorized Vertex Standard dealer.

Vertex VX-410/420 Radio Cloning Procedure

 Vertex VX-420 Radio with Cloning CableInexpensive CT-27A Cloning Cable Saves Costly Programming Fees

Adding new Vertex Standard VX-410 or VX-420 radios to your existing fleet is easy with the built-in cloning feature. All you need is a Vertex XURTS0008 CT-27A cloning cable for about $15 to transfer the programming information. A VX-420 will not clone to a VX-410 and all models must be identical using the same VHF or UHF band.  The cloning process is quick and can save technical service billing costs.

Vertex Standard VX-410/420 Cloning StepsVertex VX-420 Button/LED  Labels

You will need a “source radio” that has the desired programming information and a “destination radio” for cloning.

  1. Turn both radios off.
  2. Remove the plastic dust caps and mounting screws from the right side MIC/SP jacks of both radios (if necessary).
  3. Connect the CT-27 cloning cable between the MIC/SP jacks of the two radios.
  4. Press and hold in the PTT and Soft key assigned to “MONITOR” (normally Side Switch 1) while turning the radio on. Do this for both radios (the order of the switch-on does not matter). “CLONE” will appear on the VX-420 displays of both radios when Clone mode is successfully activated. In the case of the VX-410 series, no change will be observed at this point.
  5. On the “destination radio”, press the Soft key assigned to “MONITOR”. “LOADING” will appear on the VX-420 LCD display. On VX-410 radios the TX/BUSY indicator on the top of the radio will glow Green).
  6. Press the PTT switch on the “source radio”; “SENDING” will appear on the Source VX-420 radio. On VX-410 radios the TX/BUSY indicator will glow Red and the data will be transferred.
  7. If there is a problem during the cloning process, “ERROR” will appear on the VX-420 LCD or the TX/BUSY indicator on the top of the VX-410 radio will blink Red. Check your cable connections, battery voltage, and try again.

When the data transfer is successful, the VX-420 display will return to “CLONE” or if a VX-410, the TX/BUSY indicator will turn off. You are now ready for the next radio or turn both radios off and disconnect the CT-27 cable. You can then power on the radios and begin normal operation.

Replace the plastic dust caps and mounting screws for protection unless you are using an audio accessory.

Check the Date Codes of Your 2-Way Radio Batteries

Magnum Electronics Supplies Batteries for All 2-Way Radio Models

It is that time again to check your radio batteries so you keep your communications loud and clear. Batteries begin to degrade after 18-24 months of use and can affect radio performance. Many intermittent radio problems are solved with a fresh battery.

How to Read a Motorola Battery Date Code

All Motorola batteries have a 3 digit date code on the battery label. Check the date codeMotorola Battery Label and Date Code Circled on your Motorola battery and if the first digit is a “0” or “9” it is a good time to replace it.

The first digit represents the “Year” and the next digits are the “Week” manufactured. For example; 036 is the 36th week of 2010.

All Motorola batteries carry a replacement warranty of at least a year after the date code and probably longer if marked IMPRES or contain NiCD cells.

Replacement Batteries for Motorola, Vertex, & Other Radio Manufacturers

We carry Motorola Original OEM, Vertex-Standard OEM, and Power Products batteries for all current and discontinued radio models.

Below are links to the most popular and recommended batteries:

We also carry replacement batteries for Harris, Kenwood, Icom, Tait, and many other hard to find models. Check our 2-Way Battery selection or call us and we will be happy to help you find the best battery for your needs.

Battery Technology – Lithium Ion vs. Lithium Polymer

2-Way Radio Batteries What is different between Li-ion and Li-Polymer Batteries?

We have received several inquiries about the newest battery technology, Li-Po, that is now available for 2-way radios. Historically, NiMH was an improvement as compared to NiCD and Li-ion has many advantages over NiMH. The assumption that Li-Po is now the best battery for your radio is more marketing than anything else.

Li-Po or Lithium Polymer battery cells still use the same chemical material as Li-ion but the difference is the way they are packaged. Li-ion batteries use a thick-walled, rigid aluminum case for the cells and Li-Po utilizes a new thinner foil aluminum case. Bottom line is the difference is all in the cell construction.

Both Li-ion and Li-Po are Recommended But Check the Specs

Li-Po battery manufactures must add a more rugged case to meet the mission-critical specs required for two-way radio specifications. When comparing Li-ion and Li-Po batteries the following should be considered:

  • Battery capacity measured in mAh – The higher the mAh number the longer your battery will work before needing a recharge. When comparing specs be careful when you see the words “typical” or “average” and not “minimum” or “rated”. Our experience is there can be a big difference in actual results.
  • IMPRES or Advanced Charging Technology – “Smart battery” automatic conditioning improves performance and keeps them in service longer.
  • Drop Specification – Dropping the radio is probably the most common reason why batteries fail. Most Motorola mission-critical batteries are rated at 36 drops from 5 feet to a concrete floor.
  • IP (Ingress Protection) Rating – Higher IP numbers are better and signify the ruggedness of the battery. The first number references solids and the second number signifies liquid protection. The highest solid number is “6” (dust tight) and the highest liquid is “8” (submersibility beyond 1 meter).
  • Overvoltage protection circuit – Better batteries have 2 levels, some have 1, and lower cost batteries may not include have protection at all.
  • Temperature Range – Extreme cold affects Lithium battery performance and the spec should be investigated if your environment is outside “normal”.
  • Intrinsically-Safe Rating – FM Approval is important if you use your radio in hazardous, combustible atmospheres where an electrical spark could cause an explosion.