New Magnum AVL UI Software Upgrade V32.01 Added 7/19/19

Magnum AVL GPS Fleet ManagementOur latest Magnum AVL web interface upgrade 32.01 offers improvements for both desktop and mobile device users. The new software download is automatic when you log-in with your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Desktop users can check the UI version in the top right corner and mobile users will see it when they click on the “Account” button. Take note of the “Messages” link – this announcement, status updates, and other important news items are posted here.

Summary of Magnum AVL User Interface Improvements Trips, Stops, Locations, Ky Events, Map

  • New “Stops” View button with Daily Summary – click the new “Stops” button and see a condensed summary of the day for the vehicle selected. This new view captures and summarizes events in a vehicle’s trips and shows: Stops | Moves | Idles.
    • Events are now color-coded
    • Duration and distance columns added
  • Improved “Locations” View – key events have been color-coded and certain events have a duration column

There are short demo videos showing the changes posted in your “Messages” page too. Or you can watch them at the links below.

  • Link to video for desktop computer users
  • Link to video for mobile device users

Secure Login Instructions For Magnum AVL Fleet Tracking and Management Reports

Magnum AVL Logo

Our website has been upgraded to improve internet security for our Magnum AVL Fleet Management customers. The upgrade eliminates the Google Chrome Browser non-secure warning, adds encryption, and shows a lock in the browser address bar as shown below.Magnum AVL Login Address URL

To connect to the secure server, enter in your browser address bar (or click on the link).. You should connect to the login page with a padlock icon to the left of the url address.

Secure Login with Encryption Enter your login info and save as a bookmark or add to your home screen if using a smartphone. This should save your login info and provide a secure one-click link to your Magnum AVL fleet management account.

Monitoring Speed with Magnum AVL GPS Tracking Improves Profitability

Magnum AVL GPS Fleet ManagementYou may have heard excessive speeding can reduce fuel economy but few of us know how much it costs. We found some useful information compiled from DOE data.

Your vehicle’s fuel mileage decreases once it exceeds optimal speed. For most vehicles, this is happens at about 55 mph. Every time you go over this speed, you’re wasting fuel and money. A slight decrease in your highway driving speed can significantly reduce your fuel consumption.

Impact on Fleet Fuel Efficiency When Exceeding 55 MPH per DOEMagnum AVL Logo Truck and Map

According to studies backed by the DOE, the average fleet vehicle will be at its advertised peak efficiency MPG at 55 mph. As speed increases you can lose up to 28% of fuel efficiency when traveling at highway speeds.

The impact for every 5 mph increase is shown below:

3% less efficient at 60 mph
8% less efficient at 65 mph
17% less efficient at 70 mph
23% less efficient at 75 mph
28% less efficient at 80 mph

Magnum AVL Speed Reporting and Alerts Provide Driver Coaching

Our Magnum AVL GPS fleet management system has two types of speed alerts. The first is a high speed alert. Set the threshold at, for example, 70 mph and if a driver exceeds that threshold you can be notified (or get a daily report of all violations).

The second alert is “posted speed” alert. Set this alert to be triggered if a driver exceeds 12 mph over ANY posted speed limit on any road. Alerts can be sent to your email or phone but you may want to have a daily or weekly report sent to you showing all violations with exact time and location.

Here are short videos explaining how to setup alerts and reports to coach your drivers. Provide recognition to those with the least violations and watch your fuel bill drop next month.

Contact Anthony at our Dover office (302-734-9250 8-5pm EST) for more information and a demonstration. Our low cost wired and plug-in trackers can be purchased, leased, or rented without a long-term contract.

Track Construction Assets and Storage Trailers With GPS

If you have storage trailers or construction equipment scattered across the state or job sites, it can be difficult to keep track of their location.  It can be a time-consuming process to find them resulting in wasted labor hours, lost revenue, and equipment write-offs.

Magnum AVL Battery-Operated GPS Asset Tracker

The enhanced Magnum AVL 660-BAT is designed for mounting on the top of your equipment withMBAT60 Battery-Operated GPS Asset Tracker four screws. There are no wires or external antennas and the internal battery will last 3-4 years. The rugged design is rated IP67 for outdoor use and it can be painted to match your equipment. It uses the Verizon Wireless cellular data network and includes a sensitive GPS receiver for location based tracking. It is only about 10 inches long and 2.5 inches high and weighs 25 oz including the battery.

Track Your Assets Using Web Based Google Maps

Track your assets from any computer or smartphone using Google Maps with the Magnum AVL web interface. Satellite, and street views make it easy to locate your equipment. The control panel shows all your assets and their location. You can also track your vehicles on the same map. Assets can be grouped, edited, and assigned different icons for easy viewing. Your history is stored online for 18 months or set up automatic reports that can be printed or emailed at regular intervals.

Low Cost Automatic Daily Updates Every 12 Hours

The 660-BAT sleeps between updates to conserve battery life. It automatically reports map location with address every 12 hours. The time is of day is set by removing a magnet to start the 12 hour cycle.

Asset Management with a Quick ROI

Magnum AVL LogoConsidering today’s labor and fuel costs, the investment in Magnum AVL GPS tracking is quickly recovered. The 660-BAT including the service plan based on a 3 year lifespan is about 50 cents per day. Keeping a work crew waiting can be hundreds or thousands in extra costs.

How Magnum AVL Helps Business Owners with Fleet Management

GPS Fleet Tracking Without a Long Term Contract

Business owners and government agencies with small to mid-size fleets can experience the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking without a long term service contract. Our Magnum AVL Rental Program includes wired or OBD-II plug-in trackers and service plan with automatic updating. Track your vehicles using your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

GPS Fleet Management Powered by Verizon Wireless

Magnum AVL fleet trackers utilize the Verizon Wireless nationwide network. Your vehicles, backhoes, and trailers are tracked using our cloud-based software using Google Maps with satellite, traffic, and street views. Our trackers have a backup battery and will send disconnect and reconnect alerts as well as continuous updates for up to an hour.

Email and text alerts are available based on location, posted speed, excessive idling, and harsh driving. Detailed, comprehensive management reports provide fleet data daily, weekly, and monthly.. 20+ reports can be automatically emailed, exported to a spreadsheet,  or saved in .pdf format.

We offer installation services, telephone support, and free training webinars. If you have a mobile workforce, Magnum AVL will impact your bottom line.

Contact us for a quote using the form below or call us at our Dover, Delaware headquarters at (302) 734-9250 M-F 8-5:00pm EST.




Can You Identify Your Fleet’s Idling Hidden Cost?

How much is idling costing you?Unnecessary engine idling reduces your fleet’s miles per gallon and increases maintenance costs. Most vehicle manufacturers now recommend a maximum of 3-5 minutes of idling before either turning off the key or beginning your trip. According to a medium duty (class 3-6) diesel or gasoline truck burns 0.4 to 0.6 gallons per hour. A heavy-duty (class 7-8) diesel truck burns 0.8 to 1.0 gallons per hour.

The chart below shows the annual cost of idling for 1, 10, and 25 trucks:

Fuel Cost for Fleet Idling

Magnum AVL GPS Provides Idle Time Per Vehicle and Alerts When AbusedIdle report Drop Down Menu

How much idling is right for your fleet? It depends on many things and starts with your ability to be able to measure the “as-is” of each vehicle. You can only manage what you can measure. Magnum AVL GPS equipped vehicles automatically track the idle time of each vehicle.

Magnum AVL GPS Idle ReportThe idle time report requires only 4 mouse clicks and will provide your fleet totals by truck during any period of time you choose. The report will show the vehicle, date and time, and the number of minutes of idle time. It will also provide a monthly total for each vehicle. Choose “Automated Reports” so it will be emailed automatically to anyone each day, week, or month.

How to Set a Real Time Idle Alert Using Magnum AVL

It is also easy to set an alert when idling is excessive so you or your driver will be notified by email or text message. This will bring real time awareness so corrective action can be taken. See how easy it is by viewing our one minute video:

Need a demonstration or more info about Magnum AVL? Give us a call or use the form below:

Tips To Minimize Driver Resistance When Deploying GPS Fleet Tracking

Magnum AVL Logo Truck and MapAs fuel prices rise, more business owners and managers with smaller fleets are looking at GPS tracking. It is difficult to compete in today’s economy without the productivity gains of GPS fleet management.

Some small business owners are concerned that installing GPS fleet tracking will cause a morale problem with their employees and possibly affect their “family” corporate culture. The tips below have been used by Magnum AVL commercial and government fleet owners who have successfully installed GPS fleet and asset tracking.

Focus on Driver Benefits and Recognize Good Behavior

  • Your good employees won’t mind being tracked. They carry the load when weaker or new employees pull down the team.
  • GPS tracking provides “command & control” so work is spread evenly
  • If you use cell phones to communicate, GPS eliminates the “where are you” calls while driving.
  • You will know when they are delayed due to traffic conditions. Dispatchers can also help drivers get back on track should they become lost.
  • Proof your drivers were at the correct locations for “No Shows”.
  • Backup for invoice disputes or complaints involving your vehicles.
  • Recognize the drivers with the least amount of monthly idling time who save fuel.
  • GPS reports can eliminate driver logs and provide time card info.

Install GPS in ALL Vehicles in ALL Departments To Avoid Favoritism

Installing GPS tracking in some vehicles (but not all) can be viewed as favoritism and can be perceived negatively by the drivers who are tracked. If you can’t afford to do the entire fleet, look at a leasing or renting the equipment.

Start Saving Fuel With Magnum AVL GPS Fleet ManagementMagnum AVL Logo

Magnum AVL uses state-of-the art equipment with a 3 year warranty, a Google mapping interface, and no long term contract. We have customers from Delaware to California. Contact us using the form below to discuss your requirements or call us at 302-734-9250.

GPS Fleet Management From Your Smartphone

Magnum AVL Live GPS Tracking for Android and Apple Mobile DevicesMagnum AVL Logo

Fleet location, speed, and history for up to 6 months has been optimized for Magnum AVL users with smartphones and tablets. Our new Mobile Viewer portal provides fast access from your Home screen. Set-up is simple and only takes a couple minutes using your same login info. 

List View Can Be Customized to Show Preferred InfoMagnum AVL Mobile Viewer List View

After the single press log-in, the List View control screen shows all of your vehicle, asset, and trailer trackers. You have the ability to show (or hide) and sort the following info:

  • Map label
  • Serial number of AVL tracker
  • Status (length of stop or moving)
  • Group (for larger fleets)
  • Odometer
  • Street Address
  • Driver
  • Vehicle VIN number

Most users will want to change the default settings to hide the serial numbers and unhide the address fields.

Map, Street, Satellite, and History View Screens Provide Fast Answers

Mobile Viewer List, Map, History Screen Shots

The same icons found in the desktop version make it easy to use the Magnum AVL Mobile Viewer. From the List View screen a simple button press will launch the Map View or the History View that shows speed and location data for the previous 6 months.

Magnum AVL GPS service pricing plans do not require a long term contract. If you have any questions or need to contact us, please use the form below:

Magnum AVL GPS Reports Provide Powerful Fleet Data

AVL Reports Menu OptionsMagnum AVL GPS fleet and asset tracking provides reports with data that will help manage your fleet and reduce costsYour fleet data is available for up to six months with the option of downloading or emailing the reports in multiple formats. 

A couple clicks and drop down menus will let you select the report type, vehicle, time frame, stops, idle, speed, etc. Once the report is created it can be saved for future use and/or sent via email automatically.

Select the Best Magnum AVL GPS Fleet Management Report

The purpose of this article is provide a list of the most commonly used reports with a short description so you can become familiar with them. All of the reports are included with any of the Magnum AVL service plans.

Daily Details

Shows the stop time, move time, distance, # of stops, # of geofences, # of Input Alerts, # of Speed Alerts of each vehicle by day.

Magnum AVL GPS Daily Details Report


Shows the stop time, move time, distance, # of stops, # of geofences, # of Input Alerts, # of Speed Alerts of each vehicle for entire report period.

After Hours

Shows all of the movements for each vehicle between the start and end dates and between the hours specified in the report period.

All Geofences

Shows all of the Geofence Alerts that occurred for each vehicle between the start and end date and within the hours specified in report period.

All Input Alerts

Shows all of the Input Alerts that occurred for each vehicle between the start and end date and within the hours specified in report period.

All Speed Alerts

Shows all of the Speed Alerts that occurred for each vehicle between the start and end date and within the hours specified in report period.

All Stops

Shows all of the stops that occurred for each vehicle between the start and end date and within the hours specified in report period.

Magnum AVL GPS All Stops Report


Shows all of the current landmarks for this account with the times each vehicle entered and exited the landmark ordered by date.

Landmarks by Vehicle

Shows when each vehicle entered and exited landmarks.

First/Last Trip By Day

Shows the start and stop times of the first and last trips of each of the days in the start/end date range.

All Trips By Day

Shows the start and stop times of all the trips of each of the days in the start/end date range.

First/Last Location By Day

Shows the first movement and last movement of each vehicle on each day.

Idle Time

Shows the amount of time a vehicle has been idling (ignition on without movement).

Magnum AVL Idle Time Report

State Mileage

Distance each vehicle travels in each state over the selected period of time.. Magnum AVL State Mileage for IFTA

Consolidated Trip Report

This is a summary of all trips and includes trip distance, trip time, idle time, and trip start and stop. In order for this report to work, the ignition wire must be connected.

AVL GPS Consolidated Trip Report

Location History

Will display vehicle movement events, ignition events, geofence events, stop events, over speed events, etc.  Included in the report are time and date stamps for each event, as well as address, latitude/longitude, distance, and heading. Use this for backup detail with the State Mileage Report for IFTA audits. You must check the box “show addresses” to provide the required detail.

Magnum AVL Location History Report

Workday Summary

A comprehensive report that summarizes start time, move time, stop time, idle time, end time, and total elapsed time during the reporting period.

Workday Summary Report

Workday Daily Details

In addition to the data included in the Workday Summary, this report includes start and end addresses and off duty time during the reporting period.

Workday Daily Details Report

New Features Added to Magnum AVL GPS Web Interface

Magnum AVL - Improving Fleet Efficiency with GPS

Fleet Management Software Enhancements Continue with New Release

We are proud to announce the latest release of Magnum AVL 2.0 GPS fleet and asset tracking software. MAVL 2.0.15 includes new features based on your requests and feedback. Our goal is to provide the best fleet management user interface that is simple, powerful, and economical.

New Work Day Summary & Work Day Detail Reports

The Workday Summary Report indicates Start time, Move time, Stop time, Idle time and End time for each day in the reporting period. The total elapsed time for the reporting period is displayed. Elapsed time is defined as the time period from the first Ignition On and the last Ignition OFF.

Magnum AVL Workday Summary ReportThe Workday Daily Details Report below contains everything in the workday summary report and also includes the Start and End addresses.

Magnum AVL Workday Daily Details Report

Low Battery & Power Reconnect Alerts Added

Low Battery Alert Set-upYour vehicle can now send a text message or email when the battery is low. The power reconnect alert has been added for our soon to be announced OBD-II Plug-in MVP1000 GPS tracker, but can also be used to alert if the power is disconnected for other reasons.

These new alerts work with any of our Magnum AVL GPS fleet trackers.

Control Panel Now Shows Heading and Odometer Columns

Magnum AVL Control Panel HeadingA new column has been added to the control panel that shows the vehicle heading. This is helpful to determine which direction the vehicle is travelling. There is also column that shows vehicle mileage. You can customize the control panel to add/delete the columns you prefer to view.

Two New Landmark Sizes Improve Reporting

Magnum AVL GPS  Landmark Sizes Adding landmarks (and geofences) is the key to getting the most out of your GPS investment. Landmarks are map icons you frequently visit such as your own location, suppliers, and customers. Landmarks provide additional data for fleet management and are a powerful tool to increase fleet efficiency.

XSmall and XXSmall options have been added to the Radius dropdown menu of the New Landmark window in the Map tab. The XSmall is 40 meters in radius, and the XXSmall is 15 meters.

Free Training Webinars Continue

A live webinar with our dedicated training specialist can be scheduled at your convenience using your Magnum AVL account and fleet data. We encourage you to take advantage of this free service. Send us an email and we will get it set up for you.

If you don’t see the new features on your computer hover over the Help link in the upper right corner. If it is not 2.0.15 refresh your browser by pressing F5. You might have to close your browser too.