Can You Identify Your Fleet’s Idling Hidden Cost?

How much is idling costing you?Unnecessary engine idling reduces your fleet’s miles per gallon and increases maintenance costs. Most vehicle manufacturers now recommend a maximum of 3-5 minutes of idling before either turning off the key or beginning your trip. According to a medium duty (class 3-6) diesel or gasoline truck burns 0.4 to 0.6 gallons per hour. A heavy-duty (class 7-8) diesel truck burns 0.8 to 1.0 gallons per hour.

The chart below shows the annual cost of idling for 1, 10, and 25 trucks:

Fuel Cost for Fleet Idling

Magnum AVL GPS Provides Idle Time Per Vehicle and Alerts When AbusedIdle report Drop Down Menu

How much idling is right for your fleet? It depends on many things and starts with your ability to be able to measure the “as-is” of each vehicle. You can only manage what you can measure. Magnum AVL GPS equipped vehicles automatically track the idle time of each vehicle.

Magnum AVL GPS Idle ReportThe idle time report requires only 4 mouse clicks and will provide your fleet totals by truck during any period of time you choose. The report will show the vehicle, date and time, and the number of minutes of idle time. It will also provide a monthly total for each vehicle. Choose “Automated Reports” so it will be emailed automatically to anyone each day, week, or month.

How to Set a Real Time Idle Alert Using Magnum AVL

It is also easy to set an alert when idling is excessive so you or your driver will be notified by email or text message. This will bring real time awareness so corrective action can be taken. See how easy it is by viewing our one minute video:

Need a demonstration or more info about Magnum AVL? Give us a call or use the form below:

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