Vertex Introduces VX-260 Series To Replace VX-231, VX-351/354

1/2/2018 Update – The VX-261 and VX-264 are now available as a Motorola Solutions branded product. All specifications and warranties remain the same.

New VX-261, VX-264 Offer Many Improvements to Analog Portfolio

VX-261, VX-264 VHF and UHF Analog RadiosFor users that only need low cost analog 2-way radio communications, Vertex Standard now offers the VX-260 series. The radios were designed with improvements to replace the VX-230 and VX-350 platforms that will end production at the end of June.

The radio is 40% louder, has more signalling options, and includes additional safety features. Universal batteries/chargers and the same microphone connector makes it easy to reuse audio accessories. Programming software and cloning cable are the same too.

You won’t be able to clone your frequencies from older non-identical radios or upgrade to digital. As with all Vertex Standard models there is a 3 year depot warranty.

Last Day to Order Vertex VX-231, VX-351, VX-354 is 6/26/15

The chart below identifies the Vertex Standard radio models that will end production. For those who need a VX-231, VX-351, or VX-354 to keep their fleet identical, it is recommended to place your orders prior to 6/26/15.

VX-231 VX-351, VX-354 Models Last order date 6/26/15

How to Clone a Vertex VX-231

VX-231 Cloning Requires a CT-27A Cable

Vertex VX-231 Radio-to-Radio Cloning Requires a CT27A Cable

Vertex Standard VX-231 2-Way Radio Includes Easy Cloning Feature

The Vertex VX-231 radio model includes a radio-to-radio cloning feature that makes it easy to add new radios to your existing fleet. All you need is a Vertex CT27A cloning cable and identical VX-231’s on the same frequency band split.

Instructions to Clone Vertex VX-231 Radios

  1. Turn radios offVX-231 Knobs, Buttons, LED Lebels
  2. Connect the CT27 cloning cable to the MIC/SP jacks
  3. Press and hold the “Side 1” key and the “PTT” key while turning the radio ON.  The LED will quickly blink green and red then go out.
  4. Press the PTT button once to put the radio in “CLONE” mode, the LED indicator will glow “Orange”.
  5.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other radio.
  6. To switch the destination radio to receive data, press the “Side 1” key. Then the LED indicator will glow “Green“.
  7. To switch the source radio to transmit data, press the “PTT” key. Then the LED indicator will glow “Red“.
  8. If the cloning is successful, the LED indicator will go out.

Cloning will transfer transmit and receive frequencies, privacy codes, channel power levels, narrow or wide bandwidth, and other programmable features. It cannot change a radio from VHF to UHF or a UHF low split to the higher split.