JPS Year End Promo: ACU’s, NXU, RSP-Z2, DSP-2, Interface Cables and More

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An authorized JPS dealer since 2006, we offer their entire product line including factory-built radio cables for all radio models. The most popular JPS items can be purchased online including the NXU-2A, RSP-Z2, DSP-2, and ACU-M. Use coupon code JPS2019 at checkout to receive 5% OFF your entire order. This offer is only valid until 12/30/19.

JPS Interoperability Solutions is the Leader in Interconnect Technology

JPS Interoperability Solutions has been the leading designer and manufacturer of interconnect solutions for disparate public-safety radio systems since the introduction of their ACU platform back in 1997.

Offering excellent technical support, their products use RoIP, SIP, and RTP protocol interfaces for LMR 2-way radios. JPS solves interoperability problems for digital (P25, DMR, cellular, satellite) and analog radios. JPS also provides gateways, analog radio adapters, and custom interface cables for easy internet connectivity.  Located in Raleigh, North Carolina they continue to develop new products that improve mission critical communications.

If your agency requires a formal quote or need a product not on our website call our Dover, Delaware office at (302) 734-9250 M-F 8-5pm EST or use the contact form below.

Interoperability Gateway Devices Improve In-building 2-Way Radio Coverage

ACU-M Gateway Improving Radio CoverageJPS Interoperability Solutions has a long history of mission critical radio communications connectivity. The JPS ACU-M interoperability gateway console is an excellent tool to quickly improve in-buildingRaytheon ACU-M Interoperability Console coverage for first responders. It is compatible with the JPS ACU-1000 and the ACU-T.

The JPS ACU-M provides interconnection with up to four different 2-way radios, optional 2 VoIP channels, and a local operator handset. Plug-in cables are available for virtually every 2-way radio, satellite, and cell phone in use. The ACU-M can be networked and managed remotely using a computer with the included graphical user interface software.

Set up ACU-M as a Portable Repeater for Communications in Basements

The JPS ACU-M can be installed in a first-arriving command vehicle or waterproof carry case. Below grade basements that prevent RF penetration can be improved using long radio interface cables connected with the ACU-M gateway repeater. By attaching a portable radio to the end of a very long radio interface cable, the radio can be lowered into a tunnel or RF-blocked structure to provide a means of routing the signal in and out of the structure.

Use WiFi Network with ACU-M for Long Distance Radio Interoperability

Using the ACU-M’s VoIP’s option, a radio can be connected using WiFi or an ethernet Raytheon NXU-2A Network Extension Unitbridge and a NXU-2A radio interface. The JPS NXU-2A is a device that converts VoIP/RoIP into audio signals compatible with the remote radio. It uses the same plug-in radio-specific cable as the ACU-M.

ACU-M using WiFi and NXU-2A

ACU-M Easy to Deploy – Simple User Interface

The ACU-M is pre-programmed with factory optimized settings for most radio models and manufacturers. Just connect up to four radios with the proper cables and you will be operational in minutes. Touch controls and indicator lights make it easy to patch nets quickly. Remote control software is included too and can be installed on a connected laptop if you prefer.

ACU-M Control Panel and Indicator Lights

6/1/16 Update: Raytheon closed the JPS division on 1/29/16 after many years of providing interoperbility solutions. In April, the assets were purchased by Don Scott, one of the original founders of JPS. Key staff and support personnel returned and operations are returning to normal.