David Clark 9100 Series Wired and Wireless Digital Intercom

Designed for Military, Public-Safety Vehicles, and Marine Vessels

Series 9100 Headset and System Components

David Clark engineers designed a new rugged intercom headset system with the introduction of the Series 9100. The new digital architecture provides clear communications and single or multi-channel programming for any number of users.

System components include a variety of noise-cancelling headsets, master station, user gateways, and wireless belt stations. They are manufactured with marine grade parts and are watertight when possible. The 9100 headsets are not compatible with the older Series 9900 wireless intercom system.

Scalable System Provides 2-Way Radio Interface for Unlimited Users

Series 9100 Digital Headsets feature an integrated momentary PTT switch located atNoise-Cancelling Boom Mic with PTT Button the microphone bracket. The PTT switch is easy to find and convenient when you need to adjust the location of the noise-cancelling boom mic.

Headset NRR ratings are 23 decibels for the over-the-head style H9130 and behind-the-head style H9140.

The C91-20RD interface cable is used to interface a marine or mobile radio. The cable is unterminated at the radio end so that the installer can choose the correct connector.

Download 9100 Digital Marine Brochure .pdf   9100 User Manual .pdf

New HBT Series Wireless Headsets From David Clark

Aurora Class HBT Series Use Bluetooth 4.0 David Clark Co Logo

David Clark Company recently announced a new line of rugged headsets with low energy Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity.

Wireless Communications Dual Ear HeadsetThe Aurora Class HBT Series include marine grade hardware, comfort gel ear seals, and a USB charging cable. All HBT models provide 23dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) for excellent hearing protection.

There are 3 different styles and all carry a 12 month warranty. The HBT-30 has a headband for wearing over-the-head and the HBT-40 has a Listen Only Wireless Headsetneckband for use with hardhats. Both utilize a M-55 noise-cancelling electret microphone.

The HBT-60 is also a behind-the-head style and is identical to the HBT-40 except it lacks the microphone. This is a listen-only headset for users who only need one-way communications.

Compatible With Smartphones and Bluetooth Radio Adapters

The HBT series headsets are designed to work with any standard Bluetooth smart device or 2-way radio adapter. HBT headsets use a rechargeable battery that provides up to 80 hours of continuous listening or 140 hours on standby. Range is up to 30 feet from the two-way radio adapter or smartphone.

All HBT headsets are RoHS Compliant, FCC Approved, and made in the USA.

Download David Clark Aurora Data Sheet and HBT User Manual.

New Lower Cost David Clark Headsets – No Adapter Required

Connectors for Popular Motorola, Harris, and Icom 2-Way Radios

David Clark Co LogoDavid Clark Company, a recognized leader in noise-attenuating headsets, has quietly introduced their new two-way “Radio Direct” models.H6240-07 Radio Direct Headset

The direct wire 6200 series is a dual muff behind-the-head style for use with headgear and includes a boom microphone. Available for the most popular radio models, the headsets are priced lower because the costly adapter cable is eliminated. Each headset includes a 6 foot extended coiled cable with the radio connector of your choice.

Choose 6700 Series for Intrinsically-Safe Operation

The David Clark 6700 series adds the FM Approved intrinsically-safe (IS) rating for use in hazardous atmospheres. The headset must be used with a radio (and battery) that also carries the FM Approved label for it to be a benefit. The 6700 series is also David Clark H6780-51 IS Headsetbehind-the head design and includes the radio connector of your choice.

There is also a hardhat attachment model (H6780-51) with the popular Motorola APX 7000/6000 and MOTOTRBO XPR 6000/7000 radio connector. It has clips that attach to hardhats and other protective headgear.

Choose Series 6200 or 6700 Modular Style for use with Removable Coil Cords

The David Clark Modular headsets require the purchase of removable coiled cords with the appropriate radio connector.  These are a good choice if you have different radio model models or plan to upgrade to a new radio in the future. There are also additional headset styles for different noise environments.

6200 Modular Series Headset Styles and Detachable Cords

David Clark 6200 Modular Series

There are four styles of 6200 modular series headsets available. The shielded microphone H6220-M is designed for extreme noise environments. The H6230-M over-the-head model is used without head gear. The H6240-M is the most popular and can be used with or without a helmet. For single ear operation, the H6290-M is the solution.

Currently, Series 6200 modular cords are available for the Motorola APX 7000/6000 and MOTOTRBO XPR 6000/7000 (C6251 40918G-09), XTS 5000/2500/1500 (C6208 40918G-06), HT750/1250/1550 (C6235 40918G-07), and CP200/PR400 (C6207 40918G-08).  There is also a cord for the Bendix King BK/Relm DPH, GPH, and EPV style models (C6245 40918G-15).

6700 Modular Series Intrinsically-Safe Headset Styles and Cords

David Clark 6700 Series IS Headset Styles

The 6700 Modular Series are FM Approved Intrinsically-safe rated and also have interchangeable coiled cords. There is a hardhat attachment model along with 3 other popular styles designed to fit most rugged applications. FM Approved IS 6700 series cords are available for Motorola, Harris, and Icom radios.

New South Bowers Fire Rescue Airboat Installation With David Clark Wireless Headsets

South Bowers Fire Rescue Airboat

South Bowers Volunteer Fire will now perform emergency rescues in the Kent County salt marshes with a new airboat equipped with David Clark wireless mission-critical communications. The system will provide hands-free, wireless intercom for the crew and will also integrate with the Delaware 800 MHz statewide first-responder system.

David Clark 9900 Wireless Intercom and Motorola APX 7500 Radio Integration

David_Clark_LogoThe new David Clark 9900 Series wireless gateway system is weather tight, rugged, and designed for marine use. It easily integrates with a Motorola APX 7500 700/800/VHF P25 capable radio and will connect to a 3800 wired system if needed.

David Clark 3800 Wireless Intercom

Wireless Intercom System Components, Key Features, and InstallationH9940 Headset

The South Bowers David Clark system uses four H9940 dual muff, behind-the-head style headsets each with a 9910-BSW wireless belt station with VOX. This design provides hands-free intercom for the crew and the ability to monitor radio traffic from the boat’s APX 7500 radio. The belt station has a PTT (push-to-talk) switch for transmitting. The U9922-38 wireless gateway acts as a repeater and provides up to 300 ft range using clear DECT based technology.

David Clark A99-04CRG ChargerThe belt stations use 40688G-90 rechargeable batteries that are removable and last approximately 24 hours after a full charge. A A99-04CRG 110V AC charger will hold 4 batteries and takes about 3-4 hours when fully depleted. David Clark has several 9900 Series headset styles a full range of accessories, interface cables, and antenna choices. The APX radio uses an 05 control head and motorcycle options for improved outdoor performance.South Bowers Airboat Installation

A weatherproof NEMA box was added for better protection and installation was completed at our Dover service facility on Horsepond Road. The David Clark 9900 wireless headset intercom system is an excellent choice for fire/ems, military, and marine applications. Our thanks to South Bowers Station 57 for the opportunity to provide the first David Clark 9900 Series intercom in Delaware.

South Bowers Volunteer Fire Delaware Airboat