Motorola Technical Notification: APX/PCR RSM Cable Failures

APX XPR Shoulder Mic with coiled cordRemote speaker-microphones cables for APX P25 and XPR MOTOTRBO DMR series radios could experience jacket failures when stressed. A manufacturing change in jacket material caused the problem.

When the cord is stressed the cable could tear or fray and expose the internal wiring. As a result, RSM’s that show failures will be replaced for up to 24 months after purchase.

Symptoms and Root Cause of the Cord FailuresCoiled Cord small tear and fraying example

The cord failure is shown in the image. The failure typically occurs at the RSM head or radio connector end or both, but can also occur in cable middle section.

Front and back mic cable routingRadio users who prefer to route the mic cord behind their back and stress the cable are more likely to experience the problem. Motorola recommends to dress the coil section so it
does not get caught on uniform accessories for optimal RSM service life.

Motorola Remote Speaker-Microphone Models Affected

Motorola is upgrading the cable jacket material in the near future. RSM’s with the new cable will include an “L” in the model suffix when shipped.

Below are the RSM’s identified in the Motorola Technical Notification (MTN):

APX 8000, APX 7000, APX 6000, APX 4000,


MOTOTRBO PCR XPR 3000 and XPR 7000 Series RSM’s


Only mics that show the failure will be replaced under the MTN warranty extension. Reference MTN-0070-19-NA and original factory order number when requesting replacements. They can be obtained by calling Motorola at 1-800-422-4210; prompt 1.

Download the Motorola Technical Notification MTN-0070-19-NA_RSM

Motorola Improves Radio Battery Warranty

Motorola Battery Warranty effective July 2012Motorola radio batteries

Motorola Solutions radio batteries purchased after 7/1/2012 now carry a warranty against defects in manufacturing or workmanship for 48 months.

This change applies for both IMPRES batteries with automatic reconditioning and non-IMPRES battery types.

Every Motorola Original battery is shipped with a 3 or 4 digit date code for warranty purposes.  Motorola will replace any two-way radio battery that falls below 80% of rated capacity during the warranty period.  Warranty depends on battery chemistry type (NiCD, NiMH, Li-ion) and if the battery has IMPRES automatic conditioning capability.

Motorola Battery Type Capacity Warranty

IMPRES Batteries Warranty
NiCD IMPRES Batteries 24 month warranty to maintain 80% capacity
NiMH, Li-ion IMPRES Batteries 18 month warranty to maintain 80% capacity
*PMNN4093 18 Month warranty to maintain 70% capacity

IMPRES batteries NOT charged exclusively in IMPRES chargers get reduced by 6 months of capacity warranty (i.e. 18 months instead of 24 for NiCD, and 12 months instead of 18 for NiMH & Li-ion)

Non-IMPRES Batteries Warranty
NiCD Batteries 18 month warranty to maintain 80% capacity
NiMH, Li-ion Premium Batteries 12 month warranty to maintain 80% capacity
*RNN4007 12 Month warranty to maintain 70% capacity

How to Read a Motorola Battery Warranty Date Code

The date code is located on the label of the battery. The first digit represents the year and the second two digits are the week of manufacture. A battery with a date code of 926 indicates it was manufactured in the 26th week of 2009. It would have a minimum warranty until the 26th week of 2010. At times we see new batteries with date codes in the future by a few weeks.

4 Year Workmanship Warranty

There is a 48 month workmanship warranty on any Motorola Premium or IMPRES battery that displays any of the defects below:

  • Cell leakage
  • Shifting cells that affect operation
  • Cracked case without physical abuse
  • Contacts showing corrosion or pitting
  • Battery clip breakage without physical abuse
  • Battery that does not fit in radio or charger properly