New Magnum AVL Asset and Trailer Tracker GPS Service Plan

Choice of 10 or 30 Minute Live Updates for MAT312 GPS DevicesMagnum AVL GPS Fleet Management

Keeping track of your mobile assets and trailers on the move is now even easier with the addition of our Magnum AVL service plan with live updates every 10 minutes. At only $14.95 per month, you can track your assets with our web based software using Google map, satellite, street, traffic, and terrain views.

460-EQ Is Designed for Use With a 12V or 24V DC Power Source

GPS Trailer and Asset TrackerThe 460-EQ GPS tracker must be connected to a 12 or 24V DC power source and includes a backup battery if disconnected. The 360-TT is specifically designed for use with tractor trailers and the 460-EQ is optimized for use with construction and other jobsite equipment. Both are submersible with internal antennas and cover the entire USA. These devices will monitor ignition, engine hours, unauthorized movement, and uses the same Magnum AVL GPS automatic reports as our 700-3W series fleet trackers.

For mobile assets and trailers without a power source, read our blog post using the GPS 660-BAT with 3 year internal battery.

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Magnum AVL GPS Reports Provide Powerful Fleet Data

AVL Reports Menu OptionsMagnum AVL GPS fleet and asset tracking provides reports with data that will help manage your fleet and reduce costsYour fleet data is available for up to six months with the option of downloading or emailing the reports in multiple formats. 

A couple clicks and drop down menus will let you select the report type, vehicle, time frame, stops, idle, speed, etc. Once the report is created it can be saved for future use and/or sent via email automatically.

Select the Best Magnum AVL GPS Fleet Management Report

The purpose of this article is provide a list of the most commonly used reports with a short description so you can become familiar with them. All of the reports are included with any of the Magnum AVL service plans.

Daily Details

Shows the stop time, move time, distance, # of stops, # of geofences, # of Input Alerts, # of Speed Alerts of each vehicle by day.

Magnum AVL GPS Daily Details Report


Shows the stop time, move time, distance, # of stops, # of geofences, # of Input Alerts, # of Speed Alerts of each vehicle for entire report period.

After Hours

Shows all of the movements for each vehicle between the start and end dates and between the hours specified in the report period.

All Geofences

Shows all of the Geofence Alerts that occurred for each vehicle between the start and end date and within the hours specified in report period.

All Input Alerts

Shows all of the Input Alerts that occurred for each vehicle between the start and end date and within the hours specified in report period.

All Speed Alerts

Shows all of the Speed Alerts that occurred for each vehicle between the start and end date and within the hours specified in report period.

All Stops

Shows all of the stops that occurred for each vehicle between the start and end date and within the hours specified in report period.

Magnum AVL GPS All Stops Report


Shows all of the current landmarks for this account with the times each vehicle entered and exited the landmark ordered by date.

Landmarks by Vehicle

Shows when each vehicle entered and exited landmarks.

First/Last Trip By Day

Shows the start and stop times of the first and last trips of each of the days in the start/end date range.

All Trips By Day

Shows the start and stop times of all the trips of each of the days in the start/end date range.

First/Last Location By Day

Shows the first movement and last movement of each vehicle on each day.

Idle Time

Shows the amount of time a vehicle has been idling (ignition on without movement).

Magnum AVL Idle Time Report

State Mileage

Distance each vehicle travels in each state over the selected period of time.. Magnum AVL State Mileage for IFTA

Consolidated Trip Report

This is a summary of all trips and includes trip distance, trip time, idle time, and trip start and stop. In order for this report to work, the ignition wire must be connected.

AVL GPS Consolidated Trip Report

Location History

Will display vehicle movement events, ignition events, geofence events, stop events, over speed events, etc.  Included in the report are time and date stamps for each event, as well as address, latitude/longitude, distance, and heading. Use this for backup detail with the State Mileage Report for IFTA audits. You must check the box “show addresses” to provide the required detail.

Magnum AVL Location History Report

Workday Summary

A comprehensive report that summarizes start time, move time, stop time, idle time, end time, and total elapsed time during the reporting period.

Workday Summary Report

Workday Daily Details

In addition to the data included in the Workday Summary, this report includes start and end addresses and off duty time during the reporting period.

Workday Daily Details Report

How Magnum AVL GPS Local Fleet Management Impacts Your Bottom Line

Real Time Vehicle Location Data Improves Decision Making

Magnum AVL - Improving Fleet Efficiency with GPSIn today’s fast paced business environment, knowing where your vehicles are provides a competitive edge. If knowledge is power and time is money, even small local fleets can benefit from Magnum AVL fleet and asset tracking.

Knowing exactly where all of your mobile assets are in real time or being able to look back anytime during the past 6 months with a couple mouse clicks will make you a smarter organization. You will be able to quickly identify where you are losing money and make corrections faster.

Most Local Fleets Save a Minimum of 20%-25% on Fuel Bills

Magnum AVL Idle Alert SetupMagnum AVL provides vehicle idle time reports each day, week, month, etc. You can be alerted with an email or text message in real time after a predetermined limit has been exceeded if you desire. The average vehicle burns almost a gallon of fuel every hour so just decreasing idle time can justify the return on investment.

Speeding in a lettered vehicle not only uses more fuel but it can ruin your reputation. You can also set speed alerts with Magnum AVL to identify a reckless driver.

GPS Tracking Prevents Unauthorized Use Resulting in Fewer Miles

Fewer miles driven means going to the pump less often. How many miles per gallon do your vehicles average? If your service truck gets 17 mpg, 10 less miles per day will double your ROI. If your mobile assets are remote and don’t start/end the day at your yard this can save significantly more.

Labor and Overtime Costs Will Drop With GPS Fleet Tracking

Magnum AVL can reduce labor and overtime costs especially when there is more than one worker in the vehicle. You will know exactly when your vehicle arrives and leaves the job. Customer complaints about a driver that never showed or was there only a short time can be checked and proven true or false immediately.

If you seem to have a chronic overtime problem, Magnum AVL will provide the information needed to identify the cause. Saving 30 minutes of overtime per week can save thousands of dollars at the end of the year.

Magnum AVL Improves Employee Safety, Customer Service, and Peace of MindMagnum AVL Logo Truck and Map

Contact your drivers when they are stopped and not when they should be concentrating on the road. Let your customers know when your technicians are about to arrive at a service call. Know job arrival times without bothering the driver.

Also, many insurance companies will provide a discount when GPS fleet tracking is installed.

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New Features Added to Magnum AVL GPS Web Interface

Magnum AVL - Improving Fleet Efficiency with GPS

Fleet Management Software Enhancements Continue with New Release

We are proud to announce the latest release of Magnum AVL 2.0 GPS fleet and asset tracking software. MAVL 2.0.15 includes new features based on your requests and feedback. Our goal is to provide the best fleet management user interface that is simple, powerful, and economical.

New Work Day Summary & Work Day Detail Reports

The Workday Summary Report indicates Start time, Move time, Stop time, Idle time and End time for each day in the reporting period. The total elapsed time for the reporting period is displayed. Elapsed time is defined as the time period from the first Ignition On and the last Ignition OFF.

Magnum AVL Workday Summary ReportThe Workday Daily Details Report below contains everything in the workday summary report and also includes the Start and End addresses.

Magnum AVL Workday Daily Details Report

Low Battery & Power Reconnect Alerts Added

Low Battery Alert Set-upYour vehicle can now send a text message or email when the battery is low. The power reconnect alert has been added for our soon to be announced OBD-II Plug-in MVP1000 GPS tracker, but can also be used to alert if the power is disconnected for other reasons.

These new alerts work with any of our Magnum AVL GPS fleet trackers.

Control Panel Now Shows Heading and Odometer Columns

Magnum AVL Control Panel HeadingA new column has been added to the control panel that shows the vehicle heading. This is helpful to determine which direction the vehicle is travelling. There is also column that shows vehicle mileage. You can customize the control panel to add/delete the columns you prefer to view.

Two New Landmark Sizes Improve Reporting

Magnum AVL GPS  Landmark Sizes Adding landmarks (and geofences) is the key to getting the most out of your GPS investment. Landmarks are map icons you frequently visit such as your own location, suppliers, and customers. Landmarks provide additional data for fleet management and are a powerful tool to increase fleet efficiency.

XSmall and XXSmall options have been added to the Radius dropdown menu of the New Landmark window in the Map tab. The XSmall is 40 meters in radius, and the XXSmall is 15 meters.

Free Training Webinars Continue

A live webinar with our dedicated training specialist can be scheduled at your convenience using your Magnum AVL account and fleet data. We encourage you to take advantage of this free service. Send us an email and we will get it set up for you.

If you don’t see the new features on your computer hover over the Help link in the upper right corner. If it is not 2.0.15 refresh your browser by pressing F5. You might have to close your browser too.