Motorola Q2 2019 MOTOTRBO Trade Up To Digital Promo Extended Until 6/30/19

Trade Up To Digital MOTOTRBO RadiosMotorola Solutions continues their trade-in discounts until the end of June on MOTOTRBO XPR 7000e, SL 7000e, CP200d, and EVX-261 DMR digital radios. There are also special financing offers of 0% (12 months) and 6.67% (60 months) for projects of $25,000 or more.

Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR 7000e, SL 7000e Series Trade-In OfferSL7550e, XPR 7350e, XPR 7550e, XPR 7580e

End users receive a $1300 discount off an order of 10 handheld XPR 7000e or SL 7000e series DMR radios with a qualifying trade-in of 10 business radios or cellular PTT phones. The XPR/SL 7000e series models include the latest features and accessories that future proof your investment. Intrinsically-safe UL HAZLOC models for hazardous environments are also eligible.

Motorola CP200d MOTOTRBO Portable Radio Trade-In OfferMotorola MOTOTRBO CP200d DMR Digital Radio

End users receive a $350 discount off an order of 10 CP200d DMR portable radios with a qualifying trade-in of 10 business radios or cellular PTT phones.

The CP200d is Motorola’s most popular radio for commercial businesses including the construction market.

Motorola EVX-261 MOTOTRBO Portable Radio Trade-In OfferDigital DMR Handheld Portable

End users receive a $200 discount off an order of 10 EVX-261 DMR portable radios with a qualifying trade-in of 10 eligible devices.

The low cost EVX-261 operates in both analog and digital modes making them ideal for mixed fleets.

Promotions cannot be mixed and discounts are calculated in multiples of 10 depending on the radio model.

For more information about the second quarter 2019 MOTOTRBO trade-in promo and a formal quote contact our Dover, Delaware office at 302-734-9250 M-F 8-5pm EST or use the form below.

Low Cost Digital Radios for Business – CP200d, CM200d, CM300d

Motorola MOTOTRBO CP200d DMR Digital RadioMotorola Solutions Upgrades Popular Commercial Tier

The most popular two-way radios for business now support DMR digital voice communications with advanced features. The CP200d, CM200d, and CM300d can be ordered with both analog/digital operation or analog-only with future upgrade capability. They are compatible with other MOTOTRBO radios but are limited to conventional voice features. They will also support dual-capacity direct mode meaning you can have two simultaneous conversations on a single channel without a repeater.

CP200d batteries and chargers are backward compatible but2 Pin Audio  Connector for CP200d audio accessories have been optimized for use with digital. Motorola’s new upgraded audio accessories are marked with a symbol on the 2 pin connector.

Improve Coverage with CM200d and CM300d with Display

MOTOTRBO CM200d Front ViewBase, mobile, and control station operation is now possible in VHF (136-174 MHz) with 25 and 45 watt versions. UHF band will be released later this year. Both the CM200d and the CM300d support 99 channels, repeater/talkaround, and MOTOTRBO CM300d Displayvoice announcement.

The CM300d has an alpha-numeric display and two additional programmable buttons.

DMR Digital Radio Choices Slow Analog-Only Sales

The CP200d, CM200d, and CM300d are included in the “Buy 6” August Promotion that ends this month. Receive $185 from Motorola when you purchase six radios on the same invoice.

CP200 analog-only sales slowed significantly since the introduction of the XPR 3300/3500 and Vertex Standard EVX-530 series. Now it appears there is an even easier migration for commercial customers requiring basic voice communications to migrate to DMR. The most rugged business radio for the past ten years just got a new life.

MOTOTRBO CP200d Specs and Data Sheet   MOTOTRBO CM200d CM300d Specs

Why Digital is Better    CP200d Accessory Catalog

MOTOTRBO Digital CP200d Banner