How to Clone Vertex VX-820/920 and VX-P820/P920 Radios

Cloning the Vertex Standard VX-820/920 radio platform requires CPS programming software and a PC to enable the feature. CE-59 is used for the analog VX-820 and VX-920 series, while CE-76 is required for digital P25 VX-P820 and VX-P920 models. Vertex Standard programming software can be obtained from any authorized dealer.Models must match and have a display

Cloning is only possible with display radios and you must match identical models with the same sub-band.

Check the full model number under the battery to be sure (For example VX-824-G7-5).

Follow These Steps for Cloning the VX-820/920 Radio PlatformRadio-radio cloning feature in CPS

Step 1. Upload the radio’s programming data using the appropriate programming software and enable the Radio-to-Radio Clone feature. This feature is found under the Common Menu tab in the Miscellaneous section as shown in the graphic.

Step 2. Download the programming changes to the radio. This step must be done to all radios that you will be cloning.

Step 3.  Put both radios into clone mode by pressing and holding the PTT and Monitor (the side button directly beneath the PTT button) buttons while powering the radio on. “CLONE” will be shown in the display as shown below:

See CLONE in radio display

Step 4. Attach a CT-116 cloning cable to each radio’s accessory connector. The accessory connector is located on the right side of the radio, as viewed from the front of the radio.

Step 5. Press the Monitor button (the side button directly below the PTT button) on the target or destination radio (this is the radio you want to transfer data to) and “LOADING…” will show in the display as shown below:

See LOADING in display

Step 6.  Press the PTT button on the source radio (this is the radio data you want to transfer to another radio) and “SENDING…” will show in the radio’s display as shown below:

See SENDING in Disply

Step 7.  The cloning process is complete when the display on both radios shows “CLONE” as seen in Step 3 above. The process will take approximately 30 seconds, depending upon the amount of data to be transferred. If the clone process was not successful, “Error 1” will show in the display of the source radio as shown below:

See ERROR in the displayStep 8.  If cloning was successful, turn off both radios and remove the CT-116 cloning cable. If cloning was not successful, verify Step 1 and 2 were done and repeat Steps 3 through 7.

Lower Cost VHF or UHF 2-Way P25 Radios with AES Encryption

Vertex VX-7200, VX-P820, XX-P920 SeriesVertex Standard manufactures a lower cost P25 compatible communications platform for VHF and UHF conventional users. If your agency or department requires P25 interoperability, the VX-820/920 series is a good choice. Their product offering is not available in the 700/800 MHz frequency band and there is no P25 trunking functionality.

 Vertex Provides Several P25 Compatible Radio Model Choices

The Vertex VX-P820 series is the smallest, IP57 submersible P25 radio available. It can be ordered with or without a display and with a full keypad if needed. The VX-920 series is taller and can accommodate a larger battery and/or optional second receiver. The VX-7200 50 watt, P25 mobile can be ordered as a base or control station if you use conventional repeaters. All models include the Vertex Standard 3 year depot repair warranty.

Analog and P25 Capability Packed with Features

Vertex Standard P25 radios can be programmed in analog or digital P25 mode. Analog features include ARTS, lone worker, and DTMF signalling. P25 digital features include emergency, individual & talk group ID, and mixed mode. AES/DES encryption is available as an option.

Download Vertex Standard P25 VX-P820 Series Data Sheet