Vertex Standard VX-350 Series Cloning Procedure

Vertex VX-350 Series Cloning Steps

Vertex VX-351 or VX-354 Cloning Requires a CT-27A Radio-to-Radio Cable

Adding a new Vertex Standard VX-351 or VX-354 radios to your existing fleet is a simple process with the built-in cloning feature. All you need is a Vertex XURTS0008 CT-27A cloning cable  to transfer the programming information. A VX-351 will not clone to a VX-354 and all models must be identical using the same VHF or UHF band.

VX-350 Series Cloning is a 6 Step Procedure

  1. Turn both radios OFFVertex 350 Buttons and Controls
  2. Connect the CT-27 cloning cable between the MIC/SP jacks of the two radios.
  3. Press and hold the “Side 1” key and the “PTT” key while turning the radio ON.  The LED will remain off and if a VX-354, it will display “CLONE”.
  4. Repeat step 3 on the other radio.
  5. To switch the radio to receive data, press the “Side 1” key. Then the LED indicator will glow “Green“.
  6. To switch the radio to transmit data, press the “PTT” key. Then the LED indicator will glow “Red“.

When the data transfer is successful, the VX-354 display will return to “CLONE” or if a VX-351, the TX/BUSY indicator will turn off. You are now ready for the next radio or turn both radios off and disconnect the CT-27 cable. You can then power on the radios and begin normal operation.

10 thoughts on “Vertex Standard VX-350 Series Cloning Procedure

  1. I have two vx 354’s. Serial numbers are one apart so I know they are the same. I can’t get it to turn on with a clone msg in the display.

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