Motorola Temple Transducers Provide Discreet Listening

2-Way Radio Headset Keeps Ears Uncovered

Motorola 2-way Radio Temple TransducerTemple transducers are available for most Motorola 2-way radios and are the only audio accessory that keeps your communications discreet without covering your ears. Loud and clear radio transmissions are received using transducers that rest on each temple. The ears are uncovered so you will hear normally when there is no radio traffic. People close by will not hear radio messages keeping your communications private.

Use Temple Transducers in High Noise Environments with Earplugs

Temple transducers can be more comfortable than muff style headsets in hot weather orSpring & Associates Driller when working on loud machinery. Maryland based Spring and Associates performed a comparison on their job site with extreme machinery noise using MOTOTRBO XPR6550  radios. The PMLN5101 temple transducer was preferred except when extreme noise levels approached 130dB.

Choose the Correct Temple Transducer for Your Radio

Motorola offers temple transducers with connectors for most of their radios. The new APX series radios have a direct wire connector and a new boomless model that is compatible with the APX display microphone.

APX 7000, 7000XE, APX 6000, 6000XE, APX 4000 Radio Models

RMN5116 Temple TransducerFor the new APX P25 series, choose the PMLN5101 temple transducer with boom microphone.

The boomless RMN5116 is the correct choice if you use a APX display remote speaker microphone.

XTS 5000, XTS 2500, XTS 1500, PR1500, MT1500 Radio Models

Rugged Temple Transducer


The standard temple transducer with the XTS series connector is the RMN4049. There is also a more rugged version, RMN5049, that includes an adjustable headband keeping it more secure when repelling, jumping, or performing other physical activity. These are also compatible with HT1000, JT1000, MTS2000, MT2000, MTX8000, MTX9000, XTS3000, and XTS3500.

MOTOTRBO XPR 6100, 6350, 6550, 7350, 7550 Radio ModelsMotorola PMLN5101

All Motorola XPR 6000 and 7000 series radios are compatible with the PMLN5101 temple transducer. An oversized PTT and coiled cord is included.

There is no temple transducer available yet for the XPR3300, XPR3500, or SL7550.

Motorola HT750, HT1250, HT1550, PR860 Radio Models

The RMN4048 is the correct temple transducer model if you have a Motorola HT750/1250/1550, PR860, MTX850, MTX8250, MTX950, or MTX9250.

There is a rugged version, RMN5048 with an adjustable headband too. Both have a large PTT body switch.

Motorola EX500, EX560, EX600 Radio Models

The Motorola EX radio compatible temple transducer is the PMLN4585.

Motorola BPR40, CP110, CP185, CP150, CP200, PR400

CP200 Temple TransducerChoose the PMLN5003 boomless lightweight temple transducer with in-line microphone and 2 prong connector. Adjustable for use on long shifts. Not suitable for high noise environments.

Also compatible with P1225, CP125, VL130, CT150, CT250, CT450, GP300.

Motorola DTR410, DTR650, VL50

The RMN5114 is the correct choice. Although it uses a similar sized 2 prong connector like the PMLN5003, they will not fit the jack.

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