APX XE Remote Microphone with Strobe Light Now in 3 Colors

Motorola NNTN8203 Strobe MicrophoneMotorola NNTN8203A APX XE is Designed for Firefighters

It is now possible to color match your APX radio and remote speaker-microphone. Available in high impact green, black, or public-safety yellow, the NNTN8203A is compatible with the APX 7000XE, APX 7000, APX 6000XE, APX 6000, and SRX2200. The new APX 4000 uses a different audio connector and is not compatible.

APX XE Dual Microphones Provide Best-in-Class Audio

The NNTN8203 is the first audio accessory to have 2 microphones that provide advanced noise suppression. The second microphone is able to differentiate voice from background noise and electronically cancel out the unwanted sounds. The speaker is also 50% louder than the XTS 5000 series speaker-mics.

Strobe Light Visible Up to 10 Feet in Smoke

A high visibility strobe light activates when the emergency button is pressed for firefighter safety. The microphone is powered by the radio so there is no need for additional batteries. The rugged, submersible design includes an IP67 rating, FM Approval for intrinsically-safe environments, and a 6 foot coiled cord.

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