Complete List of Motorola KVL Encryption Keyload Cables and Adapters

Motorola KVL 3000 and 4000 Cables

KVL 3000/4000 Keyload Interface Cables and Adapters

Most Motorola military and law enforcement 2-way radio communications uses an encrypted algorithm for secure voice messages. The encryption key is inserted in the radio using a KVL 3000 or KVL 4000 as shown. The basic interface cable is the Motorola TKN8531 and an adapter specific to the radio model. XTS 5000/2500 series portable hand-held radios require a NTN8613 adapter. APX 7500/6500  and most XTL 5000/2500 mobile radios need the HKN6182.

APX 7000/6000 series use the WPLN6904 cable that does not require an adapter.

OTAR and Radio Authentication Cables 

For systems using OTAR (over-the-air-rekeying) or radio authentication, the KVL uses a different set of cables without the need for adapters. APX, XTL, and Astro Spectra mobile radios use the HKN6183. XTS portable radios require the RKN4106 and APX 7000/6000 portables use the WPLN6905 cable.

For a complete list of KVL 4000 cables, adapters, and accessories, see the charts below.

Motorola KVL Interface Cables and Adapters

Optional accessories for the KVL 4000:

KVL Optional Accessories

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