New Magnum AVL Asset and Trailer Tracker GPS Service Plan

Choice of 10 or 30 Minute Live Updates for MAT312 GPS DevicesMagnum AVL GPS Fleet Management

Keeping track of your mobile assets and trailers on the move is now even easier with the addition of our Magnum AVL service plan with live updates every 10 minutes. At only $14.95 per month, you can track your assets with our web based software using Google map, satellite, street, traffic, and terrain views.

460-EQ Is Designed for Use With a 12V or 24V DC Power Source

GPS Trailer and Asset TrackerThe 460-EQ GPS tracker must be connected to a 12 or 24V DC power source and includes a backup battery if disconnected. The 360-TT is specifically designed for use with tractor trailers and the 460-EQ is optimized for use with construction and other jobsite equipment. Both are submersible with internal antennas and cover the entire USA. These devices will monitor ignition, engine hours, unauthorized movement, and uses the same Magnum AVL GPS automatic reports as our 700-3W series fleet trackers.

For mobile assets and trailers without a power source, read our blog post using the GPS 660-BAT with 3 year internal battery.

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