Motorola and 3M Peltor Headset Demonstrations at Magnum Electronics on 6/18 4-6pm

Motorola BatwingsMotorola Solutions and their partner supplier, 3M Peltor, recently introduced new radio headsets for high-noise environments.

Peltor LogoCome meet their senior management and corporate specialists at the Magnum Electronics Technology Center on Wednesday, 6/18 from 4-6pm. There will be hands-on demonstrations using APX and MOTOTRBO radios.

#1 Injury Worldwide is Hearing Loss

Harmful Noise Chart dB Examples

If your organization has a hearing conservation program and you use two-way radios, this is a rare opportunity to meet experts in a casual setting who understand current OSHA standards.

Headband headset for APX, XPRThere will be numerous solutions on-hand with different noise-reduction ratings (NRR). Electronic headsets with ambient listening designed for military and SWAT teams, hardhat style, and 3.5mm receive-only for shoulder microphones will be displayed.

New “direct-connect” over-the-head RMN5137, behind-the-head RMN5138, and hardhat mount RMN5139 headsets for APX and XPR 7000/6000 series do not require an adapter.

Location and Details

Our technology “Happy Hour” style event starts at 4:00pm. Refreshments from our neighbor, Fordham and Old Dominion Brewing, will be provided. Fire Chief Buffy Madden from Marydel and owner of First Due BBQ will supply the food.

We look forward to seeing you.

Address: 927 Horsepond Road, Dover, Delaware 302-734-9250

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Bluetooth Dual-Muff Headset for High Noise Environments

Peltor MT1H7F2WS3 Tactical XP Headset

UPDATE 12/12/13 – This product was cancelled and replaced by the 3M Peltor WS100.

3M Peltor manufactures a comfortable, dual-muff headset called the Tactical XP for anyone needing wireless connectivity to a two-way radio or cellular phone equipped with standard Bluetooth. Designed for high noise environments it has a high quality electret noise-cancelling boom microphone.

It can also be used to prevent harmful sounds like gunshots, loud machinery, or other impulse noises that could affect your hearing. Electronic microphones mounted on the muffs amplify surrounding sounds during quiet times but instantly provide 24dB NRR. You can hear normally with the headset on but you will have excellent hearing protection if a harmful sound occurs.

This headset is FM Approved and carries an intrinsically-safe rating. It is easy to pair with a Bluetooth phone or two-way radio adapter. It is powered by (2) AA batteries and automatically shuts off after two hours. The headset remembers the last settings used and only needs to be paired once.

Bluetooth Tactical XP Hardhat Style

The black Tactical XP has replaceable ear seals and is built to last. Available in headband style (MT1H7F2WS3) or with hardhat helmet attachments (MT1H7P3E2WS3), it carries a 12 month warranty.

We have tested the Tactical XP using the Motorola RMN5104 Bluetooth adapter for the XTS 5000 radio and the PMLN5712 MOTOTRBO adapter for the XPR6550 with excellent results. The PrymBLU adapters pair easily with the headset also.