New Device Provides Satellite Service to Smartphones When Cell Network Unavailable

When disaster strikes and cripples the cellular network or when locatedSAT-FI Hotspot Enhances Smartphones beyond the coverage area, you will soon be able to use Globalstar’s new SAT-FI device to stay connected using your own Wi-Fi enabled device. SAT-FI is a technology breakthrough described as a satellite hotspot that provides seamless integration of voice and data from existing smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Using your existing device and phone number, you will be able to make and receive calls, email, and text messages through Globalstar’s satellite network. A simple app and the SAT-FI hotspot is expected to be available later this year pending FCC approval.

Globalstar LogoSAT-FI will provide emergency first responders backup communications and remote industrial or marine personnel a more convenient way to communicate. Pricing has not been announced but is expected to be affordable for the general public including recreational boaters, hikers, and campers.

For more information, see the press release and recent a recent interview with Barbee Ponder from Globalstar.

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