Video: How to Program Vertex Standard eVerge EVX-530 Series

EVX-530 Series Can Be Programmed With Analog and DMR DigitalVertex Standard eVerge Digital Radios

The new Vertex Standard eVerge DMR EVX-531, EVX-534, and EVX-539 radios can be programmed for both analog and digital operation. All you need is the FIF-12A USB interface for your PC, the CT-106 programming cable, and the CE142 EVX-5300/5400/530 programming software.

Start by Developing an Analog or Digital Fleet Map

Vertex eVerge EVX-531_534_539Once you determine “who needs to talk to who” using analog or advanced digital features, the first step is to develop a fleet map. A good understanding of scan, privacy, emergency, and ARTS/ARTS II is necessary before you get started. The eVerge platform is powerful and can support the most complex radio communications networks.

Instructional 30 Minute Video from Vertex Standard Tech Support

Vertex Standard LogoThis webinar by Vertex Standard provides an overview of analog and digital EVX-530, EVX-5300 series programming with screenshots of the software.

12 thoughts on “Video: How to Program Vertex Standard eVerge EVX-530 Series

  1. Yes Sir what is the difference in all call and privacy. using EVX-5400
    If I have 8 radios and one base how do I program to hear all calls and those 8 people hear all calls made?

      • Worked on it about 3 hours still can’t hear clear audio, audio is scrambled when and if I hear anything on my mobile? priv cfm is checked, priv type is basic, tried “all call” didn’t seem to matter?
        growing tired, very complicated system to program:(

      • To make an All Call channel, you have to set the Tx ID Type in your Rx List.

        Click on “Digital > Contact List/Rx Group List​” to open your Contact List window. On the left side of the window, in your Contact List settings, double click the “Tx ID Type” field for your first channel and set it to “All Call.” When you do this, your “Call ID” field will automatically populate with the ID: 16777215, which is your All Call ID. Click the “OK” button at the bottom to go back to your main window and look for the “Contact No” field for the channel you want to set for All Call. Change the “Contact No” field to your “All Call” channel (which was 1 in this case.)

        Once you have a channel set up for All Call, you just have to assign that channel to a channel knob position on the right hand side of your main programming window by double clicking the “List” field next to the desired channel and setting the field to your All Call channel number. In our case, the All Call channel was channel 1, so you would go to the right hand side of your main programming window and double click the “List” field at the very top next to CH 1 and type a 1 into the field. This will set your first channel position to All Call.

      • I have done as your directions state and still can’t hear the repeater, just a sort of distorted/buzzing sound?

        I have full signal strength.

        I must have some privacy setting on?

  2. OK, Have one freq. figured out. BUT the others I can key the repeater’s but can’t hear them?
    I have full signal strength coming back. ALLCALL doesn’t seem to work on those repeaters
    Question: on the CONTACT LIST/RX GROUP does the “CALL ID” pertain to the repeater or my radio #/info.?

    • Inside the “Contact List\Rx List,” the “Call ID” refers to the individual radios. Make sure your repeater frequencies are correct inside the radio (keeping in mind that you have to reverse the frequencies that are programmed into your repeater.) You want the Rx frequency of the radio to be the same as the Tx frequency of the repeater and the Tx frequency of the radio should match the Rx frequency of the repeater. Also make sure the “Rpt Slot” of the channel in the radio matches the setting in the repeater.

  3. YES I can key the repeater, freq’s are correct. The problem is i can not hear the repeater, i have a return signal but no audio. Settings are same as other repeaters in the area and they work.

    • Confirm the receive frequencies are entered correctly. Check the color code in the repeater and radio you are attempting to program. Finally, make sure the group call ID is entered in the receive group list.

  4. I have seen on ebay people selling a USB cable with a CD for the drivers that also comes with programming software. But, the big companies sell the 2 cables and software for around $150. Can you program the 534 with just the USB cable and software?

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