Vertex eVerge EVX-534 and EVX-539 Display Radios Now Shipping

Vertex eVerge EVX-531_534_539The Vertex Standard eVerge DMR digital radio platform has expanded with the addition of the EVX-534 display and the EVX-539 full keypad radios. Like the EVX-531, the radios are rated IP57 submersible, analog/digital for easy migration, and carry the Vertex Standard 3 year warranty.

The EVX-534/539’s provide a full 5 watts output on both VHF or UHF and can also be set to 2.5, 1.0, and .25 watts using the programming software. Loner worker and emergency alerts are also standard like the EVX-531.

Additional Features Available with EVX-534 and EVX-539

Vertex EVX-534_displayThe new EVX-534 and EVX-539 can be programmed with up to 512 channels and 32 groups that can be viewed on the 8 character alpha numeric display. Additional features include RSSI (signal strength) indicator, voice inversion encryption, 5 tone encode/decode, DTMF paging, remote stun/kill/revive, and radio-to-radio cloning.

Digital DMR Mode Features Available with EVX-534/539

Exclusive digital features include enhanced privacy, text messaging, PTT ID encode/decode, one touch access, and 128 record contact list.

eVerge EVX is Compatible with Motorola MOTOTRBO radiosMotorola XPR 6550 and Vertex EVX-539

Our test results show compatibility with Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radios using voice and PTT ID. Programming was not easy because the software interface is more complicated than the Motorola CPS.

EVX-531, EVX-534, EVX-539 Data Sheet .pdf

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