New Lower Globalstar GSP-1700 Accessory Prices

Globalstar LogoGlobalstar announced lower pricing for their most popular accessories for the GSP-1700 satellite phone. The new price reductions are permanent and effective immediately.

GPB-1700 replacement battery reduced by $50GPB-1700 Battery

It is a good time to purchase a new GPB-1700 replacement battery for your GSP-1700. With talk time at 4 hours on a standard charge, we recommend a spare if you need to use it on a long shift.

GVC-1700 12V DC vehicle charger reduced by 50%Globalstar GVC-1700 12V DC Charger

The GVC-1700 12V DC mobile charger will charge your phone while in your vehicle. The rugged, 6 foot coiled cord includes a replaceable fuse to protect your GSP-1700 phone. A green LED indicator shows when it is connected to a valid power source.

GDK-1700 data kit reduced by 50%Globalstar GDK-1700 Data Kit

Access the internet using your GSP-1700 and the GDK-1700 data kit. Included is a 48 inch cable with USB connector. The latest software can be downloaded from Globalstar’s support web site. When configured, connect to the web by dialing #777 from your attached computer.

GNC-1700 nylon case reduced by 50%GNC-1700 Nylon Case

The GNC-1700 case is lightweight and will protect your phone from dirt and weather. The case is custom designed to fit the GSP-1700 and is made of nylon material. It includes a clear plastic faceplate cover and belt clip.

Follow this link for more GSP-1700 accessories

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