Globalstar Announces New Orbit Unlimited Plan

Globalstar Orbit Unlimited PlanGlobalstar announced the new Orbit Unlimited satellite service plan for heavy voice and data users in North America. Airtime is included for Home Service Area calls placed in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. Long distance is included for calls to US, Canada, and Puerto Rico numbers.

The plan includes free voice mail and Express Data Compression that will speed up internet downloads. The cost is $149.99 (plus applicable taxes) along with a $50 activation fee. The contract requires a one year commitment.

GSP-1700 Price Remains at $499 for Phone, Battery, ChargerHurricane Season is Here Get a Satellite Phone

Globalstar continues to keep the price of the GSP-1700 at half the price it was before their satellite troubles. The 2013 hurricane season is upon us and it is time to get prepared for emergency communications. Last year, Hurricane Sandy disrupted cellular and internet services throughout the Northeast for an extended period of time.

Globalstar Call Times Tool No Longer Necessary

Globalstar Home Service Area MapSatellite phone access has improved significantly the past six months to the point the call times tool is no longer needed. The new and improved Globalstar satellite network provides 97%+ accessibility in North America anytime during the day or night.

Existing Globalstar Users: Check Your Phone Batteries

If you already have a GSP-1600 or GSP-1700 phone, replace your batteries if they are more than 3 years old. The GPB-2003 high-capacity battery is still available for the GSP-1600 and the GPB-1700 is the recommended battery for the GSP-1700. Globalstar still supports GSP-1600 accessories and will activate them on their network.

If you have any questions about Globalstar products or service plans, contact us during normal business hours or use the form below:

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