Magnum AVL Mobile Viewer Setup for Android and iOS Users

Magnum AVL GPS Tracking LogoOur latest Magnum AVL software release has been optimized for Android and iOS smartphones or tablets. There is no need to install an application – just log-in, bookmark it, and save it to your home screen.

Instructions to Set Up Your Mobile Device

  1. Open the browser on your phone or tablet and type in in the web address box not the search box.
  2. Log-in using your email address and password (same as desktop log-in).
  3. After you see your account information, bookmark it, name it Magnum AVL, and save to your home screen.
  4. Login and password will be saved providing one-touch access to your fleet info.

You can customize the default information and show the data most important to you. We recommend you delete the GPS device serial number and add the street address of the vehicle or asset location. (Located under Settings, Show)

Help with Setting up Your Phone or Tablet

The details to help your with setup are below. Depending on the version of your phone’s operating system, it may appear a little different.

How to Add a Website Icon to Your Home Screen (Apple iOS)

(*Due to the latest security updates in Apple iOS, you must use Safari Browser to add the icon to your Home Screen.)

Click on the link to Apple’s online support for more information.

Apple Setup

Magnum AVL Android Setup Instructions

Magnum AVL Android Setup

Magnum AVL Android Setup 2

Magnum AVL Android Setup 3

For more Android help visit the Mobile Pixels website.

Some Android devices look different than others depending on your operating system. Below is another Android option:

  1. Navigate to the preferred webpage
  2. Click the Menu button
  3. Click More
  4. Click Add Shortcut to Home

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