Nextel Network Shutdown Boosts Motorola MOTOTRBO Radio Sales

Sprint to Decommission Nextel System by End of June 2013

Described as one of the worst mergers in history, Sprint will end Nextel service at the end of next month. Many Nextel direct-connect customers operating in a campusTrusted by 1 million users environment have already transitioned to Motorola MOTOTRBO digital 2-way radio for on-site communications. Motorola first introduced MOTOTRBO in 2007 and it is the fastest growing product line using the DMR standard.

DMR Digital Radio Prices Drop With More Choices

Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR3300, XPR3500Digital DMR 2-way radio pricing has decreased significantly with the introduction of the XPR 3300/3500 earlier this year. Digital offers advanced features such as private call, text messaging, and data applications that enhance productivity.

MOTOTRBO DMR SL7550The SL7550 is the smallest DMR radio and includes a color display that is optimized for workers on the move. It is not much bigger than a smartphone and uses a micro-USB charger. Built rugged with an IP54 rating, the SL7550 can be used with any standard Bluetooth audio accessory. It’s hard to believe it is a 2-way radio.

Wireless Infrastructure Is IP Based and Can Integrate with Existing Network

Hospitals, manufacturing facilities, education institutions, and local governments have transitioned to MOTOTRBO by taking advantage of Motorola’s ongoing trade-in promotions. Repeaters can link multiple locations for improved interoperability by using existing private local or wide area networks.

Independent software developers provide almost 40 applications that integrate email, PBX phone systems, emergency/lone worker safety enhancements, indoor location, and  GPS with MOTOTRBO radios.

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