Vertex VX-450 Series Radio Disable and Revive Feature

Prevent Lost or Stolen Radios from Monitoring Your 2-Way Communications

If losing a radio creates a security risk, the Vertex Standard VX-450 series “Radio Disable” can prevent your messages from being monitored. Should a radio become lost or stolen, you can easily prevent the radio from receiving or transmitting. The lost radio must be turned on and within range. Vertex calls it the “stun” feature and involves using the radio’s 5 tone MDC-1200 signalling capability.

When Found the Lost Radio Can Be Easily Revived and Put in Service

A “stunned” VX-450 series radio can be easily revived and returned to service in the same way it was disabled. Just enter a different code using the keypad from an authorized radio to reverse the process.

Stolen Radios Can Be Inhibited For Increased Security

If you believe the radio is stolen, you can permanently inhibit or “kill” the missing radio as long as it is in range and turned on to receive the MDC signalling command. You will not be able to revive the radio without taking it to an authorized Vertex Standard dealer.

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