New MVP1000 OBD-II “Plug-in” GPS Vehicle Tracker

Magnum AVL Plug-in GPS Fleet Management Tracker

Compatible with Light Duty Fleets Using J15765 EPA Standard OBD-II Connector

The new Magnum AVL MVP1000 fleet management GPS tracker was designed specifically for vehicles with an OBD-II connector using EPA standard J15765 communications protocol. This standard is the most modern and has been mandatory for all light duty vehicles sold in the United States beginning in 2008. The OBD-II connector is located on the drivers side of the vehicle within 2 feet of the steering wheel. No tools are required to access it.

Plug-in Installation Does Not Requires Any Tools

Magnum AVL OBDII GPS Plug-in The MVP1000 uses internal antennas and does nor require any tools for installation. Just plug the GPS tracker in the vehicle OBD-II port and you are finished. A “power reconnect” alert will be shown in the Magnum AVL web based user interface. You can also receive a text message or email if preferred. Tiny LED’s on the MVP1000 will indicate “power on”, GPS satellite status, and network connectivity.

There is an optional OBD-II splitter cable available that replaces the fixed OBD connector and provides a second connector for the MVP1000. Using the cable will keep your OBD-II open for engine diagnostic test equipment and the MVP1000 tracker hidden away.

Magnum AVL Vehicle History

Live Updates Every 2 Minutes Using Verizon Wireless and Google Maps

The MVP1000 provides nationwide coverage using the Verizon Wireless data network. The Google Maps web interface provides map, satellite, hybrid, traffic, terrain, and street views. Quickly access any of the 19 fleet management reports or automatically email  them every month. Your fleet history is stored in the cloud for 6 months or download your fleet data in .csv or .pdf formats.

Identify drivers who conserve the most fuel with the shortest idle time or quickly determine unauthorized stops that don’t generate revenue. Document time on job sites or when your vehicles begin and end the day. It is difficult to manage your mobile fleet without data to measure.

Magnum AVL Satellite View

Low Monthly Service Fee and No Long Term Contract

Monthly web based GPS fleet management service is $24.95 per month (83 cents/day) or less if paid annually. The MVP1000 return on investment is normally only 2 or 3 months considering the cost of fuel and labor. Smaller fleets can now benefit from GPS fleet management as equipment prices drop, professional installation is not required, and fuel prices increase.

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