New Motorola NNTN8353 Six Unit Charger Saves Desk Space

Motorola NNTN8353 CP200, PR400 Charger

New Form Factor Saves Space and Can be Wall Mounted

Motorola NNTN8353 Charger

Motorola announced the new NNTN8353 120V AC multi-unit charger for the CP150, CP200, CP200 XLS, and PR400 portable radios. The new charger’s footprint  at 6″ H x 17.5″ W x 11.5″ D will save desk space or it can be mounted with the optional NLN7967A wall kit. It will charge batteries attached to radios and/or spares.


The recently announced NNTN8353 charger will replace the WPLN4161 multi-unit  charger after existing inventory is depleted. The WPLN4161 used single round charger pockets in a heavy steel shell. The older charger could not be wall mounted and and used an external 120V AC power supply.

Compatible with All Battery Chemistry Types

The NNTN8353 is compatible with the Motorola standard high-capacity NNTN4497 (2,190 mAh) and slim NNTN4970 (1,600 mAh) Li-ion batteries that are lighter and provide longer talk time. NiHM battery types including the PR400 NNTN4852 FM Approved Intrinsically-safe battery will rapid charge in 2-3 hours. The charger is also compatible with the NNTN4496 NiCD batteries that were recently discontinued.

Charger Indicator Lights Provide Status of each Battery

Digital displays are not available for the NNTN8353 and it does not provide IMPRES automatic conditioning. Each pocket has a tri-color LED indicator light that provides the status of the battery:

  • No light – battery not inserted correctly
  • Steady Red – rapid charge mode
  • Blinking Red – Not chargeable or not making proper contact
  • Blinking Yellow – Waiting to charge (be patient)
  • Blinking Green – 90% charged
  • Steady Green – 100% charged

Motorola PMLN6588 replced the NNTN8353Update 12/11/2013 – The NNTN8353 was cancelled with the introduction of the new digital MOTOTRBO CP200d DMR radio. It has been replaced by the PMLN6588 six pocket charger that has a smaller footprint and lower price.

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