Lower Cost VHF or UHF 2-Way P25 Radios with AES Encryption

Vertex VX-7200, VX-P820, XX-P920 SeriesVertex Standard manufactures a lower cost P25 compatible communications platform for VHF and UHF conventional users. If your agency or department requires P25 interoperability, the VX-820/920 series is a good choice. Their product offering is not available in the 700/800 MHz frequency band and there is no P25 trunking functionality.

 Vertex Provides Several P25 Compatible Radio Model Choices

The Vertex VX-P820 series is the smallest, IP57 submersible P25 radio available. It can be ordered with or without a display and with a full keypad if needed. The VX-920 series is taller and can accommodate a larger battery and/or optional second receiver. The VX-7200 50 watt, P25 mobile can be ordered as a base or control station if you use conventional repeaters. All models include the Vertex Standard 3 year depot repair warranty.

Analog and P25 Capability Packed with Features

Vertex Standard P25 radios can be programmed in analog or digital P25 mode. Analog features include ARTS, lone worker, and DTMF signalling. P25 digital features include emergency, individual & talk group ID, and mixed mode. AES/DES encryption is available as an option.

Download Vertex Standard P25 VX-P820 Series Data Sheet

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