New MW810 2.0 Upgrade Includes Improved Specs at a Lower Price

Rugged Mobile WorkstationMotorola recently announced the next release and third generation of the MW810 rugged workstation. The MW810 has been a solid performer for public-safety, utility, and industrial users for the past five years. Designed for fixed installations, the MW810 includes a bright touchscreen display, separate keyboard, and CPU. The technology improvements launching this month will provide reliable performance for a long time.

What’s New in Release 2.0MW810 installed

The Intel third generation I5 Dual Core processor is now standard or you can upgrade to the I7 Quad Core for even higher performance. 4GB RAM is now included and upgraded touchscreen displays are even brighter with 500 or 1500 NIT options. A new dual WAN slot design supports an evolution path to LTE and now there are multiple expansion board options.

MW810 Price Reduced on Average by 11% – 20+%

Depending on the configuration, MW810 pricing can be 20+% lower as compared to the prior 1.2 release. Save 14% on the base CPU and almost all options have a lower price including the ALPR expansion board. Extended warranty pricing (RSA) is lower too.

Motorola Warranty and Support is at least 5 Years

Standard warranty for the MW810 is three years and can be extended to 5 years with the optional RSA. Motorola will continue to support the MW810 for five years after production ends providing a long life cycle.

MW810 2.0 Brochure RC-14-2033D      MW810 R2.0 Product Spec Sheet

MW810 Mobile Workstation R2 Installation Manual

MW810 in the Police Car of the Future

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