Emergency and Lone Worker 2-Way Radio Features

Emergency Alert

Responding to accidents or hazardous spills require fast decisions. Vertex Standard is focused on improving basic voice 2-way radio communications by adding features to increase safety in the workplace. Their emergency feature can be enabled easily in the radio programming software at no extra cost.

Emergency Alerts Can Be Programmed with Various Configurations

Your personnel can request help by pushing a radio button that will instantly alert their supervisor or co-workers. Alerts can be programmed with many options depending on your specific needs. Display radios will show the radio ID and continue flashing or the screen can be programmed to blank out and become silent for discreet requests. Alerts will time out after 5 minutes or keep trying for as long as 60 minutes. The microphone will open so those on the channel will hear the surrounding area without the user having to push the transmit button.

Lone Worker Radio Feature

The lone worker feature by Vertex Standard is available in the entire portable and mobile product line except the VX-5500/6000 series. Lone workers in remote or hazardous areas can activate the feature when needed. Depending on the radio programming, scheduled intervals from 5 – 80 minutes will remind the lone worker to check-in using the PTT (push-to-talk) button. If the pre-warning tone is ignored, the radio will enter emergency alert mode.

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