Preview New Features in MOTOTRBO System Release 2.1

MOTOTRBO Portable Radios

New XPR 3000, 5000, 7000 Series and SL 7550 are 2.1 Compatible

Motorola provided us a preview of the new features that will be available with the recently released MOTOTRBO enhanced mobile and portable radios. Enhanced models include the XPR 7350, XPR 7550, SL7550 portables and XPR 5350, XPR 5550 mobiles.  There are also enhancements for the entry-level XPR 3000 series.

New Features in MOTOTRBO 2.1

Auto-Range Transponder System (ARTS)

ARTS was developed by Vertex-Standard as a result of Motorola’s 2008 joint venture. It is an analog-only automatic polling indicator that provides radio users updates whether they are in range of their base or co-workers.

Text Messaging Improvements – IME “Predictive Text” 

Input Method Editor (IME) is the same technology used with smartphones and includes word completion, correction, smart punctuation, user dictionary, etc. It is available only with the XPR 7550, SL 7550, and XPR 5550.

Dual-Channel Capacity in Direct Mode without a Repeater

Ability to support up to two simultaneous Direct Radio-to-Radio Mode subscriber calls within a 12.5kHz allocation of spectrum. In the past, this was only possible if using a repeater. This feature doubles channel capacity for on-site portable systems.

Radio Management (RM) for More Efficient Programming

Maintains historical record of radio codeplug information and templates for each device in a centralized server. Provides the ability to search, sort or group radios, and apply programming templates to multiple units for unmanned programming.

OTAP – Over-the-Air Programming

This is a powerful feature for users with large fleets and can be used in direct or repeater mode with most system design configurations. It is not compatible with software versions prior to 2.1 and will not perform firmware upgrades.

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