Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital DMR has changed 2-way radio forever

 Our first experience with Motorola’s MOTOTRBO platform was back in 2007 when the first XPR series radios started shipping. The digital features, improved audio, and long battery life were impressive but the attractive price and easy migration made it easy for our customers to add a single radio to their existing analog system. Back in 2007, there were only two options for digital: mission-critical public-safety radios at a significant price increase or the license-free DTR series without the capability for using repeaters.

Motorola continues to impress us with new feature upgrades and lower cost models every year. Just when you think this platform has matured a new feature is introduced with the addition of a simple firmware upgrade.  We have over a thousand MOTOTRBO radios in service and only a few have ever been back for repair.

The independent software vendors (ISV’s) have added a new dimension to two-way voice radio. Text-messaging, GPS location, and computer network integration are just a few of the applications available that improve productivity. It is worth the extra budget to choose display radios so you can take advantage of non-voice messaging in the future.

Take the time to learn the digital features and applications available that could improve your organization. Many of the features are included in the software and can be added by our programmers when initially deployed. Planning for the future can save the reprogramming costs and the inconvenience of taking your radios out of service. But it won’t be long until MOTOTRBO OTAP (over-the-air-programming) is here…

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