Cradlepoint Rebate Promotions Valid Thru 12/31/15

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Save up to $125 until 12/31/15

Save $75 For Each IBR1100 Series In-Vehicle LTE 4G Router

The IBR1100 series is designed for in-vehicle networks including police cars, fire vehicles, ambulances, and mass transit. This cloud-managed solution provides the ability to scale deployments quickly and manage vehicle networks easily in real-time.LTE Mobile Router

Buy a Cradlepoint COR IBR1100 and receive a $75 mail-in-rebate.
Buy a Cradlepoint COR IBR1150 (No WiFi) and receive a $50 mail-in-rebate.

Valid for purchases from 10/14/15 until 12/31/15   Cradleoint IBR1100 Rebate Form

CBA850 USB Trade-in Rebate Promo

LTE 4G Wireless RouterThe CBA850 consolidates infrastructure and maximizes uptime for businesses that require always-on connectivity. Using cloud secure access, the ARC CBA850 provides the ability to extend management capability to any primary router out-of-band without a static IP.

Trade in a cellular USB modem (3G/4G/LTE) with the purchase of a Cradlepoint ARC CBA850 and receive a $75 mail-in-rebate. CBA850 Rebate Form

AER3100 Small Branch Networking Promotion

If your branch office requires 99.99% uptime, the AER3100 can support diverse LTE cellular carriers for increased redundancy.

Purchase the AER3100 series router and receive a $75 Mail-in-Rebate.

$125 Mail-in-Rebate when you purchase the AER3100 plus an additional MC400 modem  AER3100 Rebate Form

All rebate forms must be submitted by 1/31/16. Offer valid for one rebate per router product serial number and rebate offer not valid with any other Cradlepoint offer or promotion. For additional information contact us at 302-734-9250 during normal business hours.

OTTO Revo NC2 Noise-Cancelling Microphone Now Available

2-way Radio Accessories - Expect ExcellenceOTTO recently introduced a new patent-pending noise-cancelling remote speaker-microphone compatible with most popular 2-way radios. The Revo NC2 rugged microphone has a submersible rating of IP68 but still has a receive-only audio jack.

The V2-R2ER1212 is compatible with the Harris P5300, P5400, P5500, and P7300, Noise-cancelliing remote speaker-micXG-75, and XG-25. There are two Kenwood choices – the V2-R2KB5112 with a multi-pin connector for NX200 or the V2-R2KA5112 for ProTalk and models with a 2-pin connector.

OTTO also released the V2-R2MF5112 microphone for Motorola APX and MOTOTRBO XPR 6000/7000 series models. There is also the V2-R2MG5112 microphone for CP Series, PR400, BPR40, and others with a 2 pin jack.

Working in a high noise environment requires hearing protection. The NC2 has a 2.5mm or 3.5mm audio jack for a receive-only earpiece or dual muff headset. We recommend the 3M Peltor HT Series Listen-Only models available in headband, neckband, or hardhat mount.

OTTO Revo NC2 User Manual

OTTO is a leading manufacturer of two-way radio accessories located in Carpenterville, IL. Founded in 1961, the company has a reputation for high quality public-safety grade audio accessories. Magnum Electronics, Inc is an authorized dealer.

Free Globalstar Satellite Phone With 100 Minute Monthly Service Plan

$500 GSP-1700 FREE with 100 Minute Plan

Activate a new Globalstar Orbit 100 or Galaxy 1200 (or bigger) service plan and receive a GSP-1700 satellite phone for FREE. Not a rebate, we will send the phone at no cost with a 12 month satellite service commitment. There is a $50 activation fee and the Orbit 100 plan is only $64.99 per month. The Galaxy plans are billed annually and unused minutes roll to the end of the contract.

Globalstar Service Plans

Free Globalstar Phone Promotion .pdf

This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who needs communications outside cellular coverage. Globalstar’s network is reliable and has excellent audio quality. Their prices are the lowest available for satellite communications.

We have GSP-1700 phones in stock and ready to ship. This promotion is limited and can end at any time.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Trade-in Promotions For End of Year 2015

Motorola BatwingsMotorola continues to provide end users trade-in incentives to upgrade older analog radios for new MOTOTRBO DMR digital radios. Their updated promotion is effective now until 12/31/2015.

Purchases must be in quantities of 10 per invoice and the trade-in value is based on the radio tier selected. Trade-in discount is available for all MOTOTRBO models including the low cost CP200d and ultra-slim SL300.

Save up to $1,200 on XPR 7000, XPR 3000, and CP200d Models

Trade-in Promo Valid Until 12/31/2015

Motorola SLR 5700 MOTOTRBO Repeater Upgrade Offer VHF or UHF Digital DMR Repeater

Receive a $200 discount if you trade-in your old repeater and purchase the new SLR 5700. The SLR 5700 is built more rugged and is 100% continuous duty for high traffic systems. It is a good time to upgrade your XPR 8300 and out-of-warranty XPR 8400 repeaters. It is the most important component of your system. SLR 5700 Quick Start Guide

$200 Off SLR 5700 until 12/31/15

Contact us for a quote using the form below or call our office at (302) 734-9250 M-F 8-5pm EST. We will be happy to help you with your digital communications upgrade.

Motorola Announces Minitor VI Accessory Price Increase

Batteries, Chargers, and Programming Kit Prices Change 10/12/15

Motorola informed us there will be a significant price increase for Minitor VI accessories next month. Now is a good time to purchase a RLN6527 Minitor VI programming kit. There is a $50 price increase on orders placed after 10/9/15.

New MSRP List - Minitor Accessories

Vertex Standard EVX-Link IP Site Connect Gateway Now Shipping

Connect Up to 30 Locations Without Repeaters

Vertex AAL90X001 eVerge EVX-Link DMR IP GatewayVertex Standard introduced a low cost IP gateway to extend DMR digital 2-way radio coverage using your existing LAN or an internet connection. The EVX-Link interfaces with a EVX-5300 or EVX-5400 digital radio.

DMR IP Site Connect Without Repeaters

The connected radio can be programmed as a base or control station for use with aVertex Standard DMR IP Gateway repeater. You can also connect locations that don’t use the same frequency band. A branch office that uses VHF 2-way EVX-531 portables can have radio-to-radio communications with a remote location using UHF EVX-539 radios.

EVX-Link supports most digital features including group call, all call, private call, PTT ID, call alert, emergency calls, remote monitor, and text messaging. Analog communications is not supported through EVX-Link and the connected radio’s microphone and display are not functional.

Improve Mobile Worker Productivity While Increasing Employee Safety

The EVX-Link is an easy way to connect all schools in a district, add remote campus locations, or increase plant interoperability. It provides seamless wireless radio communications across all branch offices using your existing LAN. Mobile workers will now have instant voice communications capability across the county, state, or world.

Vertex EVX-Link Fact Sheet .pdf

Adding EVX-Link to your current digital DMR system is easy. Call us for a quote at 302-734-9250 M-F 8-5pm EST or use the form below.

Motorola Minitor VI Fire Pager Rebates Continue Until End of 2015

Save $400 On Orders of 10 or $25 Per Single Pager

Motorola Minitor VI PagerMotorola Solutions extended their Minitor VI rebate promotion until the end of the year. For each Minitor VI purchased, you are eligible to receive a $25 rebate directly from Motorola.

The offer gets better for orders of 10, as the rebate increases to $40 per pager. With Minitor V support ending soon, it is a good time to upgrade. The Minitor VI is available with the intrinsically-safe certification or if your department does not need it you can save by ordering one of the standard models

Motorola Solutions 2015 Minitor VI Rebate Program Details

Minitor VI Rebate Period and Instructions

The Minitor VI has a standard 24 month depot warranty and can be extended to a full 5 years. Stored voice replay is now standard on all models. Custom ring tones can be added by uploading any .wav file using Motorola’s free software and RLN6527 programming cradle.

GSA Price Quotes Now Available for Cradlepoint Routers

Cradlepoint Corporate LogoFederal government agencies, state, local, education, charitable organizations, and other eligible entities can now receive GSA price quotes for Cradlepoint products.

How to Obtain a GSA Cradlepoint Price Quote

Cradlepoint GSA quotes can be obtained by contacting our office during normal business hours. We accept government purchase orders and most major credit cards. Payment terms are Net 30 and delivery is normally about a week.

For a Cradlepoint GSA quote call us at 302-734-9250 M-F 8-5pm EST or use the form below.

3M Peltor Solutions For Communications in High Noise Areas

Hearing Protection For Public-Safety and Industrial 2-Way Radio Users

Communications for High Noise Areas3M Peltor solutions are designed for public-safety and industrial 2-way radio users who need to communicate in high noise areas. If your department has a hearing conservation program, 3M offers UHF 2-way radio headsets or can easily integrate with Motorola, Kenwood, or any 2-way radio using a 3.5mm adapter.

3M Peltor Litecom Series UHF 2-Way Radio Headsets

Litecom series headsets include a low power UHF 2-way radio built-in with an antenna on the ear cup. There are 3 styles – headband, neckband, and hardhat mount. No FCC license is required and the range is adequate for most on-site work groups.

Choose LiteCom BRS with Business Frequencies for Less Interference

Litecom BRS 2-way Radio HeadsetLiteCom BRS models include 8 pre-programmed business channels and provide a 25 dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating). Two AA batteries will allow up to 20 hours of use or an optional rechargeable battery pack is available.

There is a noise-cancelling boom microphone with a push-to-talk switch on the cup or hands-free voice activated VOX is possible.

LiteCom Plus Models Include Electronic Environmental Listening

3M Peltor MT7H7B4610-NA LiteCom Plus series include microphones on each cup that allow users to hear clearly while wearing the headset for improved safety. When a harmful noise is detected the headset instantly blocks it. It works great when working in an inconsistent environment with impulse noises that require 2-way communications. It includes a rechargeable battery pack, 30 business/GMRS channels, and 25 dB NRR.

Litecom Pro II Models Are Programmable and Intrinsically-Safe

Lite-Com Pro II  MT7H7P3E4010-NA-50If working in hazardous atmospheres choose the Litecom Pro II series that are intrinsically-safe (IS) and FM approved. The certification includes Class I, II, III, Division 1, applicable Groups A through G, T4, -20°C≤Ta≤50°C; Intrinsically safe, Class I, Zone 0, AEx ia IIC, T4, -20°C≤Ta≤50°C, hazardous (classified) locations.

The Litecom Pro II is capable of custom programming to almost any UHF FCC licensed frequency with 3M software and a USB dongle.

3M Peltor Headsets With Adapters for Two Way Radios

The MT Tactical Pro series adapt with most radio models using a Nexus push-to-talk adapter. The HT listen-only series are connected using a 3.5 or 2.5mm cable. There are also wireless headsets that eliminate the need for an adapter and will pair with any Bluetooth enabled two-way radio or cell phone.

Military and Law Enforcement Tactical Headsets

COMTAC III ACH and COMTAC IVThe 3M Peltor COMTAC and SWAT-TAC tactical headsets provide environmental listening and integrate to most 2-way radios with a wired NATO adapter. SWAT-TAC models are the same product as COMTAC except they are black in color. COMTAC III ACH ear cups cover the ears and COMTAC IV is a hybrid style that uses earplugs.

There are 3 styles – headband, neckband, and ARC (rail connectors). The headsets can attach to one (single comm) or two (dual comm) portable radios simultaneously for interoperability. COMTAC color choices are O.D. green, coyote brown, foliage green, and black.

Hearing Loss is the Most Prevalent Occupational Health Concern in US

According to OSHA, approximately 30 million workers are occupationally exposed to hazardous noise. 3M is a leader in hearing protection and manufactures high quality products, replacement accessories, and depot repair service. To see all their two-way offerings download the 2015 3M Peltor communications product catalog.

Need a quote or want to discuss your application? Call our office at 302-734-9250 M-F 8-5pm EST.

Compare Motorola MOTOTRBO Radio Features By Model and Tier

Selecting the right MOTOTRBO DMR portable radio can be confusing with the additional model choices released in the past 18 months. The XPR 6000 platform has been discontinued and now there are five major model choices within 3 feature tiers.

Choose Commercial, Entry, or The Enhanced MOTOTRBO Feature Tier

Motorola DMR Radio Features Chart

MOTOTRBO Commercial Tier for Basic Voice Communication

If all you need is conventional voice communications with or without a repeater, the Commercial tier offers the lowest cost choices. The non-display CP200d uses the same batteries, chargers, and carrying cases as the CP200. A new choice in the Commercial tier is the SL300. It is thinner and has an optional display. MSRP ranges from $482 up to $633 per radio.

MOTOTRBO Entry Tier Includes XPR 3000 Series

The Entry tier XPR 3000 is for users who need a more rugged (IP55) radio that is capable of up to 128 channels. It offers text messaging capability and can be used on a trunking system (Capacity Plus). MSRP ranges from $575 to $675 per radio package.

Full Featured Enhanced Tier Includes Color Displays for Data Integration

The XPR 7000 series is the recommended replacement for the XPR 6350 and XPR 6550. It can be ordered with an intrinsically-safe certification, color display, and Bluetooth data. The IP57 submersible rating makes it the best choice for use outdoors and near the water. At this time the XPR 7580 does not support Smartnet operation so the XPR 6580 will be available for awhile.

The SL 7000 is not much bigger than a smartphone and can fit in your pocket. The color display, short antenna, and Micro-USB charger are features designed for hospitality, security and the service industries. Enhanced tier MSRP prices range from $1,040 up to $1,165.