New Globalstar 9600 Wi-Fi Router For Your GSP-1700/1600 Satphone

Check Email from Your Smartphone with Globalstar 9600

Check Email From Your Smartphone using the Globalstar Satellite Network

Now you can connect your existing smartphone to a Globalstar phone using Wi-Fi to send and receive email. The new Globalstar 9600 mini-WiFi router allows you to create a satellite hotspot using your GSP-1700, GSP-1600, or GSP-2900 satellite phones. Any Wi-Fi enabled device is compatible using the iOS or Android Sat-Fi app.  The 9600 supports up to 8 connected data devices but does not allow phone calls.

Globalstar 9600 is Small, Portable, and Affordable

Globalstar 9600 Satellite Mini-WiFi RouterThe 9600 weighs only 2 oz, is about 2.5 inches square, and provides up to 4 hours of use. It includes a Micro-USB for charging, standard USB, and Ethernet ports. It is 802.11b/g/n with a WiFi range of about 30 feet. At $149.99 it is an affordable accessory for any Globalstar phone.

Comparison Chart of Globalstar Sat-Fi and 9600

Below is a summary of the features of the Sat-Fi and the 9600 satellite hotspots.

Features of Sat-Fi and 9600

The 9600 includes an AC/DC power supply, international plug kit, quick start guide, 1 voucher for Sat-Fi use, and cable for a GSP-1700. Contact us for optional GSP-1600 or GSP-2900 cables.

9600 Sat-Fi App Price ChartAdditional vouchers for data users requiring separate emails can obtain them on the Sat-Fi microsite. Three day codes are free and longer periods are available for a nominal fee.

Download 9600 data sheet and Apple iOs or Android user guides.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Trade-in Promo Extended Until 12/31/14

Save up to $2000 on digital radiosMotorola Solutions announced their MOTOTRBO DMR Digital Trade-in Promotion that runs until the end of the year. The promo requires purchases in increments of 10 radios on the same invoice.

The promotion really benefits existing XPR 6000 portable and XPR 4000 users by offering a $200 per unit trade-in. If you have first generation MOTOTRBO radios that are out of warranty this is a good opportunity to refresh your fleet. Depot repairs are approximately $300 and they can add up quickly. Not to mention the loss of employee productivity.

Trade-in allowances are based on the MOTOTRBO tier purchased. Almost any business band or cellular phone with PTT is eligible and are worth up to $125 each.

New XPR 6000 and XPR 4000 series purchases are not eligible for this promotion. These models have become less popular since the introduction of the XPR 7000/5000 and will probably end production next year.

A $150 rebate offer is available to end users for every (6) CP200d, CM200d, CM300d, XPR 2500, or XPR 3000 series radios purchased on a single order.

Calculate your trade-in value

For a price quote call our Dover office at 302-734-9250 M-F 8-5pm EST or use the form below:


New Motorola APX XP Remote Microphone for Law Enforcement

Compatible with APX 7000, 6000, 4000, 3000, 1000, SRX 2200

Motorola Solutions introduced a new thin remote speaker microphone designed for law enforcement, transit police, and ems personnel. The new IMPRES XP RSM uses dual microphone noise suppression technology like the XE RSM designed for firefighters. It is expected to start shipping in September.

Two Styles – IP68 Submersible or IP55 with 3.5mm Threaded JackNMN6271, NMN6274 XP RSM

The NMN6271 model has a Delta T submersible IP68 rating allowing it to survive under 2 meters of water for two hours. This microphone can be scrubbed with soap and water if needed.

Or…choose the NMN6274 with a IP55 rating that can handle a heavy rain storm but includes a 3.5mm threaded jack.

Both models include an orange emergency button, volume toggle, and one programmable button.

There are also 2 models on the roadmap for the Motorola XTS 5000, XTS 2500, and XTS 1500 due for release later this year.

Motorola Cancels ASTRO XTS 2500 and XTS 1500 Models

No More XTS Radio Orders After October 31, 2014XTS Model Cancellation

Motorola Solutions has published an intent-to-cancel notice for ASTRO 25 XTS 2500 and XTS 1500 radio models. The last day to order is 10/31/14 and requested ship dates are not permitted after November 30, 2014. No accessories are being cancelled and depot repair support will continue for 5 more years.

Popular APX Platform is the Recommended Replacement for XTS

APX P25 TDMA RadiosThe recommended replacements for the XTS 2500/1500 models include the APX 6000, 4000, and the new 1000 series.The P25 APX 4000 has a rugged XE version available and a new “2 knob” option will be available in the next few months. The APX 1000 also has P25 TDMA capability in a smaller form factor at a lower cost. For the largest selection of accessories please visit our APX online store for batteries, chargers, carrying cases, and audio enhancements.

New Long Range Wireless Speaker Microphone for MOTOTRBO Mobile Radios

Works Up to 100 Meters from Your XPR 4000/5000 Series Base/Mobile

Motorola RLN6544 Wireless RSMMotorola Solutions introduced a new wireless remote speaker-microphone that will allow you to transmit and receive from your MOTOTRBO mobile radio from up to 100 meters away.

The new RSM has a 3.5mm jack for receive-only audio accessories, a bright LED task light, and an 11 hour rechargeable battery. It can also transmit an emergency using the orange button on the top of the microphone.

Now you can use your high power XPR 4000 or XPR 5000 series mobile radio when away from the vehicle or base.

Plug and Play Setup for Existing Vehicle or Base InstallationsWireless Gateway and Corded Mic

Adding to your existing MOTOTRBO radio is easy. You will have to replace your existing mic with the Motorola PMMN4097 corded palm microphone with Bluetooth gateway. The RLN6544 wireless RSM uses touch pair to connect with the gateway and provides an audible announcement to confirm. The third component of the system is a charger. Choose the PMLN6716 12V DC charger with holder for a vehicle or the PMLN7120 AC desktop charger.

Wireless RSM Bundle Kits Available for Mobile or Base UseLong Range Wireless Speaker Mic

The RLN6551 long range wireless kit includes the RSM, gateway microphone and 12V DC charger for a vehicle. Our base bundle includes the RSM, gateway mic, and AC desktop charger. The RLN6552 kit includes the RSM and gateway without a charger.

For more info download the Motorola Long Range Wireless User Manual

The long range wireless solutions are compatible with the Mission Critical Wireless Pod software version R01.05.00 or later. Motorola is working on a model for APX mobiles that will be available next year.

Instant Rebates for Schools Who Order Vertex Standard Radios Until 8/31/14

Vertex School Radio Promo

Save on Select Analog and Digital DMR Radios

From now until 8/31/14, Vertex Standard has announced an instant discount for education market customers only including K-12 districts, colleges, and universities. Save from $10 to $25 per VHF or UHF radio depending on the model. The price reduction is in addition to any existing purchasing contracts including WSCA in Delaware.

Vertex Instant Savings Until 8/16/14 for Schools

Eligible Analog Radios Include VX-450, VX-2100, and VX-2200 Series

Analog education market customers will receive a $10 price reduction at the time of purchase for VX-2100 or VX-2200 mobiles, and VX-451 non-display portables. The VX-454 display radio will be reduced $15 and the VX-459 with full keypad is $20 lower.

Migrate to eVege DMR Digital with Education Market Summer Promotion

The Vertex Standard Instant School Savings Promo includes eVerge digital radios that are backward compatible with older analog communications systems. Digital 2-way radios provide clearer audio, improved coverage, and better battery life. Safety features including emergency, private call, and remote monitor

Save $25 off the popular EVX-539, $20 from the EVX-534, or $15 off EVX-531 radios. The EVX-5300 and EVX-5400 mobile radios will receive an instant $10 per radio savings.

There are no mail-in rebates or minimum purchase requirements. Contact us for a quote by using the form below.


Critical Maintenance Release for Verizon Wireless GX440, ES440 Devices

VZW GX440, ES440 Critical Maintenance Warning

Affects Verizon Wireless AirLink® GX440 and ES440 Devices

The AirLink®  GX440 and ES440 for Verizon Wireless are susceptible to a radio module file system corruption issue which is remedied in the latest firmware release. We strongly recommend that all users update ALEOS software  to and MC7750 radio module firmware to

All GX440 and ES440 Verizon SKUs Are Affected

1101413 GX440, VERIZON, ALEOS, AC
1101414 GX440, VERIZON, ALEOS, DC
1101729 GX440, VERIZON, ALEOS, DC; I/0
1101816 GX440, VERIZON, ALEOS, AC; I/0
1101996 ES440, VERIZON, ALEOS, AC

GX440 and ES440 Problem Description

The device is unresponsive except for the Power LED which is lit green. When module file system corruption occurs in a GX440 or ES440, the resulting symptoms can vary depending on the ALEOS firmware version running on the device and the severity of the corruption. In most cases the unit is rendered unusable as a gateway.

Observed symptoms include:

  • The device enters a continuous cycle of reboots
  • The device fails to connect to the cellular network
  • The device connects to the LTE network but cannot connect to the EV-DO network

Technical Solution

An Emergency Maintenance Release (EMR) of the MC7750 firmware (version has been approved by Verizon Wireless. This firmware contains the following critical resolutions:

  1. Enhances the file system corruption recovery mechanism to address all corruption cases
  2. Provides a backup of the complete file system ensuring that EV-DO connectivity is restored in the event of a file system corruption
  3. Addresses a function in the module GPS system which aggravates the corruption

Please note that the issue is related to firmware operating on the device, and is not caused or aggravated in any way by Verizon Wireless or their network.

Devices Upgraded with MC7750

Devices which have been upgraded to MC7750 v3.05.10.09 from previous versions may experience a partial recovery from file corruption whereby CDMA parameters are not restored. In this case, the device may continue to operate when connected to LTE, but cannot connect to EV-DO.

Recommended Actions

Customers with GX440 and ES440 Verizon devices are very strongly recommended to upgrade their deployments as follows:

  1. Upgrade the device firmware to ALEOS
  2. Upgrade the radio module firmware to

Any device that has experienced EFS corruption and has any of the symptoms listed in the Issue Description section above, will require an RMA for a MC7750 module replacement.

Make Your WiFi Device a Satellite Phone With Sat-Fi Hotspot from Globalstar

Introducing Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite HotspotGlobalstar Sat-Fi Hotspot Now Available At Only $999

Front view of Sat-Fi with WiFi Antenna

Now users who require satellite communications can install an app on their Android, Apple iOS, Mac, or Windows device instead of carrying a separate satellite phone. With the new Globalstar Sat-Fi Hotspot up to 8 users can connect at the same time using standard WiFi with range of  approximately 100 feet.

The Sat-Fi Hotspot is designed for installation on vehicles, marine vessels, and outside fixed locations. An AC power supply,12V DC vehicle adapter, and 14 feet of coax cable with magnetic patch antenna are included.

Powerful Sat-Fi App Now Available for Download

Globalstar Sat-Fi App Screenshots The Globalstar Sat-Fi app is free and uses your existing smartphone contacts providing caller ID. The interface makes it easy to send and receive voice calls, emails, and post to social media. SMS text messaging and a feature called S.O.S. alert capability with GPS location to emergency first responders will be available soon. Sat-Fi supports a single voice call but makes it easy to transfer incoming calls to up to 7 additional connected users. It also will allow sending text messages between those using Sat-Fi.

Sat-Fi is Compatible with Most Globalstar Orbit and Galaxy Service Plans

Sat-Fi must be activated using any of the Orbit monthly plans (except Orbit 10) or the Galaxy annual plans (except Galaxy 120). Globalstar prepaid cards cannot be used at this time.

If you work outside of cellular coverage or need backup for emergency management, the Globalstar Sat-Fi is the next generation product for satellite communications. A limited number are available now for immediate shipment. For additional information, specifications, or to purchase the Sat-Fi visit our online store or use the contact form below.


Motorola and 3M Peltor Headset Demonstrations at Magnum Electronics on 6/18 4-6pm

Motorola BatwingsMotorola Solutions and their partner supplier, 3M Peltor, recently introduced new radio headsets for high-noise environments.

Peltor LogoCome meet their senior management and corporate specialists at the Magnum Electronics Technology Center on Wednesday, 6/18 from 4-6pm. There will be hands-on demonstrations using APX and MOTOTRBO radios.

#1 Injury Worldwide is Hearing Loss

Harmful Noise Chart dB Examples

If your organization has a hearing conservation program and you use two-way radios, this is a rare opportunity to meet experts in a casual setting who understand current OSHA standards.

Headband headset for APX, XPRThere will be numerous solutions on-hand with different noise-reduction ratings (NRR). Electronic headsets with ambient listening designed for military and SWAT teams, hardhat style, and 3.5mm receive-only for shoulder microphones will be displayed.

New “direct-connect” over-the-head RMN5137, behind-the-head RMN5138, and hardhat mount RMN5139 headsets for APX and XPR 7000/6000 series do not require an adapter.

Location and Details

Our technology “Happy Hour” style event starts at 4:00pm. Refreshments from our neighbor, Fordham and Old Dominion Brewing, will be provided. Fire Chief Buffy Madden from Marydel and owner of First Due BBQ will supply the food.

We look forward to seeing you.

Address: 927 Horsepond Road, Dover, Delaware 302-734-9250

Let us know you are coming on Google+FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, or on the form below.

Motorola Updates 2014 MOTOTRBO Trade-in and Rebate Promotions

New Promos Valid from April 28 – August 22, 2014

This promotion has expired

MOTOTRBO DMR RadiosMotorola Solutions announced some changes to their perpetual MOTOTRBO DMR trade-in and rebate promotion. There is more incentive to purchase the higher tier XPR/SL 7000 series and it is now time to consider retiring your 5+ year old XPR 6000’s.

We are starting to see older 6000’s needing costly depot repairs. The MOTOTRBO 7000 series are better radios and include a 3 year depot warranty.

Motorola Trade-in Offers Are Based on MOTOTRBO Tier

MOTOTRBO 2014 Trade-in Chart

All trade-in offers are based on purchasing increments of 10 radios. With the exception of the XPR 6000 trade-in offer, mixing products with different trade-in values is allowed as long as the products are ordered in quantities of 10. The trade-in will appear as a credit on your invoice and we must return your old radios to Motorola by 9/27/14.

Qualifying trade-ins include business band two-way radios or push-to-talk (PTT) cellular products. Push-to-Talk (PTT) cell phones must include a PTT and quick talk button. Excluded from this promotion are FRS, GMRS, marine, amateur, avionics, scanners, CB radios, SSB, pagers, repeaters, and cordless phones.

Rebates Available for Buyers Without Trade-in Radios

Motorola MOTOTRBO 2014 Rebate Offers

Rebate claims must be submitted by the end-user before September 27, 2014 at You will need the new radio serial numbers from your invoice. The rebate check is sent to you in about four weeks.

Motorola Commercial Series MOTOTRBO CP200d pricing is available online. For Professional Level XPR models, call us at 302-734-9250 M-F 8-5pm EST or use the form below.